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Lego Minecraft - The Mine


Jump aboard the minecart and enter the darkness of The Mine!  Blast the ore free with LEGO® Minecraft™ The Mine, includes huge track, cart, TNT, ores, Steve, Creeper™, zombie, skeleton, spider and more.

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Great Lego set


My nephews love Legos, and they love Minecraft. So it was a pretty easy choice to get them this Lego set for Christmas this year. For the price of the box, it comes with a large number of pieces (over nine hundred). One of my favorite aspects of this set is that it also uses many basic shapes and designs of Lego blocks. There are not a lot of specialty pieces in the set (since Minecraft is often made of block-shaped figures anyway). I find this to be a good thing because it provides a lot of basic pieces for making other Lego creations as well. It is nice to be able to give someone a set that can be made into something that they love, but also provides pieces to be the building blocks of other things as well. As always, the Lego blocks are well-built and will last for a long time. This is a great set to get children, and I have found that it works well for those who are a little under the recommended age of eight as well (as long as they are old enough to know not to put pieces into their mouths).





Me and my brother love minecraft and legos so I went across this minecraft legos so I said why not try it, I love it I because legos are for all ages but the thing that I like about the minecraft legos that you put it together which makes it fun for a family games the thing about minecraft and lego that you have to be creative which I like because that doesn't makes it boring that fast most minecraft players like going mining. My 9 year old brother loves this minecraft lego games but he hate the creeper, the only downside to their products is the price but at least it is worth it and it doesn't break easily and it is solid which is worth it, the great thing that you can also put it in your game shelf which when your cousin comes you will be impressed with the minecraft lego, minecraft lego are pricey but at least its high quality that makes it lasts it's worth it. If you are a gamer and a lego lover this game is for you, if it is charismas and you know you nephew loves minecraft the lego minecraft is the games for him, the game is great for the old and the young if you are a minecraft lover and also a lego lover the game is for you but the only down side is it is so expensive it needs to be a little bit cheaper, the other down side Is that it is small the peaces can get easily lost which I hate it so much.

sudia arbia


Love Legos and Minecraft


My kids love legos! And they love Minecraft so when the lego company put the two together, it was a no brainer! We had to have these sets. The mine is so fun to put together and looks like it does on the Minecraft game. The parts of the mine are also really cool. For instance there is an exploding TNT aspect. It comes with a skeleton, miner Steve, a zombie, creeper and a spider. The characters are so fun to play with. The rails of the mine actually allow for a little cart to travel along them. It has been hours of fun to put together and then play with afterwards. I love the Lego company for all of the ingenious collaborations they have with other companies. All of these lego sets make wonderful birthday presents and Christmas presents. My son received this one for Christmas!

Spring, TX


Great Product


I bought this product for my seven year old cousin as his birthday gift a few months ago. I'm not sure who enjoyed the set more though, my cousin or my thirty year old brother. Legos are a great toy for all ages. Most of my extended family, aunts, uncles, parents and even my grandma got together and built whatever we could think of with this Lego set and many others. The only downside to their products is the price. Some of these sets can get really pricey but at least when you buy them, you know you're going to get a solid, great quality product. The competitor's may be cheaper priced, but they're also cheaper made and don't fit together as well. Bottom line though, I'm more than happy to pay the price for Lego brand sets and this one in particular was great for my cousin who loves Minecraft.



Lego Minecraft - The Mine

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