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Lectrix Saladxpress Food Processor

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This saladxpress food processor can do everything!


We were given the Lectrix Saladxpress Food Processor as a wedding present but it looked to me like just a basic salad spinner which I've never used so I tossed it in our basement where it stayed for two years.  Finally I took it out one day out of curiousity and as I read the instruction manual I was amazed at all of the functions that this machine can perform!  It goes much beyond spinning salad- it can chop vegetables, fruit, meat, etc.  It can also grate cheese very quickly which I love because I always buy a block of cheese and using a hand grater can take so long! There are different attachments which can slice vegetables very thin and evenly and they turn out much better than if I tried to cut them by hand! I am still experimenting with my saladxpress and it seems like i learn new functions everyday that make my life much easier when it comes to cooking.  You will not regret this purchase!

Idaho Falls, ID


Lectrix Saladxpress Food Processor

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