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CEO and founder now called Aaron Golshani is actually life liong convicted criminal Arash Aziz Golshani - cheating people out of their money his whole life. DON'T TRUST ANYTHING HE SAYS. He robs people always - wares are cheap non leather crap.






Many of the products are cheaply made in China, and arrive in terrible condition. The sizing is different from American sizes, and the website chart is inaccurate. Customer service is nonexistent.


San Francisco, CA


Worst return policy ever


I purchased a helmet and bluetooth speaker system that attaches to your helmet. After opening the package and trying the bluetooth system on the helmet, I found it uncomfortable and I couldn't hear it over the engine. So naturally I called to see if I could return the Bluetooth set since I'd never use it. They told me to ship both helmet and bluetooth back (even though I wanted to keep the helmet). A few weeks later my package arrived just as I had sent it, with helmet and bluetooth included and no refund (goodbye $30 in shipping). I called them again and they said when I opened the packaging I voided my ability to return the both items (would have been good to know ahead of time)... but just to clarify how this return policy works, simply by opening a product and finding it doesn't fit, doesn't work, isn't what you want etc., you negate the ability to return it. Well how do you know if it works/fits if you can't even open it! Why not just say - no returns/exchanges! Not only that, but the "manager" gave me the run around on the phone, saying they'd take care of it and get back to me, which they never did. I know they're cheaper than other sites online, but don't expect any kind of return/exchange... just assume what you get is what you get.


Seattle, WA




Never buy from them. They make it impossible to return an item.





DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! After contacting the customer service department and giving them my measurements I was told to purchase a Medium sized jacket. Because the rep didn't sound like she knew what she was talking about I ordered a 2X Large. When it can 12 days later it was too small. It was nowhere near a 2X Large. I called back customer service . A very defensive rep said I could return it and exchange it for a 3X Large - which he assured me was in stock. I did so at my expense and seven days later the rep calls me back and tells me the item is not in stock at which time I asked for a full refund. They issued a refund Minus the shipping fee I originally paid and the shipping fee I paid to return it AND they DID NOT REFUND THE TAX COLLECTED . Is this not TAX fraud? This company is a RIP OFF plain and simple - Do not trust a word they say!!!


Montreal Canada


upset customer


This site has lots of beautiful things but always out of sizes Large & up or out of the item completely. I ordered a vest for my husband & the mail man knocked on our door & said I needed to pay $7.63 to get the package! I was so confused as they charged $5.95 for shipping to my card when I made the purchase, well apparently they didn't charge enough! I didn't have cash on me which is all the post man could accept so he had to take the package & tell me to come to post office to pick it up! It was Saturday & my husband was really looking forward to getting it for the weekend, well not only was the post office now closed but was closed Sun & Mon (due to Martin Luther King day) So we had to wait to get the package until the following Tuesday!!! Customer service was closed as well but open Mon. So I called Monday & the woman was really rude & said that I should pay the money & they will credit my card afterwards or send it back & start over! She gave no explanation as to what happened. I asked if I could get a total refund for shipping for the inconvenience of having to pick up my package at the post office & waiting 3 days longer, (so all I was asking for was the lousy $5.95 I already paid) She said she would talk to a manager & get back to me tomorrow. The next afternoon rep called & said they will only credit the additional money I had to pay at the post office! And they never even apologized! They have HORRIBLE customer service. I will never shop there again. I can find things I like on their site & look on line & find the same thing elsewhere at a place with good customer service, & that actually stocks their merchandise! Steer clear from leather up....you've been warned!!


Fox Lake, IL


return policy


I ordered a helmet online and was not sure of size. I was comfortable ordering from leatherup because they said that an item could be returned within 30 days without any problem. I tried on the helmet and it was too big. I returned the helmet within a week and they refused the return because the helmet was "in used noticeable condition" which it obviously was not. I am suspicious that their policy is actually to make it impossible to return an item


new mexico


POOR quality POOR service


i purchased boots. They came apart after ONE wearing. Was asked to send item back for exchange or refund. I asked for an exchange. Theyw ill not exchange. Stated they will repair the item and return it to me. NOT what I was told bu representative.




Out of stock


This website has so many cool pictures of motorcycle products. I could spend an hour looking at all the cool photos of leather jackets and helmets, and drool over all the cool pics of things I'd love to give them my money for. Too bad that's all this site has is PICTURES of cool stuff. Everything that I liked was either out of my size (m-lg) or out of stock or discontinued completely. So, basically I go to leatherup, find an item that I really like, and then spend another good amount of time trying to find that same item elsewhere on the internet, and give THEM my business.


Boise, ID


Okay - If you aren't expecting genuine leather products.


This site is good for what it is. I found they carry items that aren't genuine leather, and yes, the prices are much lower than you would pay for leather, but it is not real leather. So, if you are okay with purchasing items that aren't genuine, or if you are simply looking for cheaper riding gear, you can find it here. I actually ordered a couple pairs of gloves, which were extremely cheap and great quality. I was disappointed that they weren't real leather, but were sold as if they were. This is the only reason for the lower rating. If I knew I was purchasing a product that wasn't genuine, I would have been happy. Their products are not poor quality, they are just not genuine leather. I would order from them again with this said, as prices are low, shipping is quick, and they do have quite an extensive selection of cheaper riding gear that is available on their site, ranging from gloves to boots, pants, and vests.





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