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Learning Curve Toys
Learning Curve Toys John Deere - Heavy Hauler Tricycle by Learning Curve

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John Deere Heavy Hauler Tricycle is a great gift choice!!


The John Deere Heavy Hauler Tricycle is just about the cutest tricycle I've seen. We have a granddaughter who has just turned 2 years old, and this is what we decided to get her for a Christmas present. They were in short supply, and we had to look for one for quite a while, when suddenly we were able to get one close to our small rural community, at a very reasonable price, according to what we had been quoted. We were afraid she would be too small in stature to ride it for some time, but she was able to scoot forward on the seat and it didn't take long before she was riding it everywhere! Behind the tricycle is an attached cart that raises, yet snaps firmly back in position. she loads up her Paddington Bear and her books and away she goes. We were so surprised that a little girl would enjoy the John Deere toys, but she has quite a few now, and certainly does like playing with them. They are so well built, and compared to other tricycles we looked at, this one was much sturdier built, with safety features the other brands did not have, such as the pull cart not being able to fold up the where it attaches to the tricycle, thus helping to prevent injuries. It also has a padded center area on the handles, so as to be softened if a child were to fall forward. The dimensions were in good proportion to our granddaughters body, but I do feel she will be able to ride it for several years. I highly recommend the John Deere Heavy Hauler Tricycle-for the child's enjoyment and for the parents' peace of mind with its safety.

Russell, KS


Learning Curve Toys John Deere - Heavy Hauler Tricycle by Learning Curve

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