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LeapFrog Roll & Rhyme Melody Block

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The Roll & Ryma Melody Block is so cute!


The LeapFrog Roll & Rhyme Melody Block is so cute it is a soft block which means it has six sides which each have different colors and each have a different animal, it has a music mode and a rhyme mode the rhyme mode it sings a rhyme about the animal in the color scheme that is on that side of the block, when that side of the block is up, the music mode there is just music and no words, and when a different side is up everything changes so if you roll it across the floor it changes rhymes (or music) for whichever side is facing up. This is one of the most adorable toys and I don't even remember where it came from I'm just thankful that it ended up at my house.  The rhymes and music are soothing sounds for baby and my son even as a toddler still plays with it on his own he can change the mode and turn it on and off all by himself and he enjoys being able to do things on his own.  He also enjoys it when the rhymes change when you change which side is facing up. 

Brooklyn, MD


LeapFrog Roll & Rhyme Melody Block

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