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LeapFrog Magic Moments Learning Seat

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long lasting


We bought our Leap Frog seat with our first son and overall it went through two boys then a set of twins...if you have a LARGE baby this will only last so  long due to size but the seat could probably handle the weight of a bigger baby.  The seat is sturdy...the white base is textured so can be a bit of a pain to scrub clean...the fabric of the seat washed well and ours did not fade (all though Inever put the fabric in the dryer).  The cover gets caught in the buckles when removing to clean and the buckles would slip through the holes more often than I would have liked, but you don't need instructions to pull the cover off or put it back on the seat.  The music played is typical classical baby music but is no where near as obnoxious as other baby products ;-)  The lights that flash ore more of an illusion so when the are playing with the music the lights are not so tacky as to keep your baby awake!  This seat was donated instead of trashed as I feel there is more life in it even after our kids...this is one of the few baby items I would say go ahead and buy new and trust it wil last.  Th seat is a happy compromise between baby and parent.

Birmingham, AL


the best bouncer in the world


The leap frog magic moments learning seat is a bouncer my son enjoys. It has three vibrating levels, and the vibrating goes off after a certian period of time. It also comes with a bar up a head of the baby in the seat. It has three colors of animals. blue fish, yellow lion, red bird. The bar also lights up and has three different settings. The first setting when the animals are hit tells the child the animal he just hit. The next setting tells them the animal they hit and what that animal does. The last setting sings to the child, three different classical songs. Also the bouncer where it lights up when the bar is singing, or telling the child about the animals is also like a mirror. I love this bouncer becuase it also doesn't eat up all my batteries. Becuase the vibrating goes off at a certian period of time. Also to save batteries the bar will stop singing or telling the child things after a period of time. Both my son and I love this bouncer he loves becuase it talks and lights up, I love it becuase I don't have to always entertian him and it keeps him happy.

Federal Way, WA


It is a time saver.


This bouncer seat is so neat.  It has a mirror on one side so the infant can see itself when the music is off.  When the music is on the infant can see pictures of the animals or shapes that it touches.  The infant can make it react by its touch of the hand or the feet.  It will play on it's own too.  And it has three different settings of vibration too.  So it won't be too strong for the young ones and won't make them sick to their tummies.

Panama City, FL


LeapFrog Magic Moments Learning Seat

4.7 3