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LeapFrog - Leapster

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Kids get bored with it and you go through a lot of batteries


We got a LeapFrog Leapster 2 for my four year old as a present for Christmas. He loved it but only for about 2 weeks, if that. He had three different games to play and was only allowed to play it for 15 minutes a day so it was a reward to him. Unfortunately, he got bored and said it was "too slow" for him. He is very smart but I thought this would be something he would enjoy because we do not really allow video games in our house. He really likes playing on my iphone so I loaded up my old ipod with some kid friendly learning apps and now I let him play with that. I would say not to waste your money on this. You will constantly be changing batteries and the kids will get bored very quickly.

New Cumberland, PA


Great eductional toy!


We bought my daughter a Leapster 2 when she was almost 3 years old for a car trip. At that age, it was a little advanced for her but she loved the built in coloring app and soon grew into the other games. I love that all the games are educational in content as well as being fun and engaging. Games come in a variety of popular movie and favorite cartoon characters. It takes 4 AA batteries. I find if best to use rechargeable batteries.

Hampton, VA


My kids love this!!


My kids have had their leapster 2s for over 2 years and they are still working great. My youngest got hers when she was a little older than 2 and it was so easy for her to use. There are excellent educational games available, and I would recommend this product to all my friends.



Great hand held game that teaches yet entertains your child


Great handheld game for a young kid. It came with a downloadable game itself and parents can also buy extra games for their kids. I like the fact that it can be powered by batteries or if your kid is sitting in one place to play it, it can be plugged into a an outlet and powered up that way as well. Games are mostly educational, so kids can learn something while having fun playing the games. He had hours of fun playing different games that we bought for him. However the pen is NOT accurate at all. e.g. He points the letter E and it showed another completely different letter instead. Ease of Use It is very easy to use, with the typical up down left right and A B buttons. I thought the 'pen' that it has would add some ease to playing the games for the kid. However, I was wrong. My son had the most difficult time tying to use the pen to 'touch' a spot or 'type' his name on the screen because it is NOT correct at all. He touched the letter E with the pen, but instead, it typed out the letter C. That is the only thing about this product which makes him very frustrated.

Canton, MI


Leapster 2 is an educational lifesaver!


Of all the presents my son recieved for Christmas, this is his favorite. I purchased the Toy Story 3 version, because it was on sale. He enjoys the games we've purchased for it and the games that came preloaded on it. Even though he is only 3 years old, he has been able to play some of the simpler games. He has also been able to catch on to more advanced parts for the games that are rated for 4 year olds. Before purchasing the game, I found it difficult to entertain him properly in waiting rooms. Now he plays his games while we wait. I also use it in his preschool curriculum. He has not only learned how to operate the game system, but he has also learned preschool basics through playing the games. I like that he can use the stylus or touch the screen to navigate through some games. He is currently learning how to operate the arrow pad. The only thing I do not like is that the games are pricey. Even though they are cheaper that games for larger game systems, they are still a bit high priced. I tend to wait until they are on sale to purchase them.

Tolar, TX


The Leapster 2 is definately woth the money!


We are a technology loving family. When my husdands aunt bought our daughter the Leapster I thought it would just be something expensive for her to break. It lasted a while with her untill she spilt a bunch of water on it and fried it. My husband and I decided to buy her the leapster 2 for her 3rd birthday and are so happy we did. She plays with it everyday. Some of the games are more advanced than she can handle but she will just go to the coloring option and have a blast. She definately knows how to work her electronics and this was an investment we are glad we made. It keeps the battery life for a decent amount of time, she has had hers for 7 months and we replaced the batteries maybe twice. It is also very easy for her hands to hold and to use the stylus that is attatched to the system itself. We are going to keep using this until she is old enough to get a DS in several years and plan on buying one for our son as soon as he is old enough and has the dexterity to use this game.

Augusta, GA


LeapFrog - Leapster

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