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LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids' Learning Tablet, Pink


The affordable, fun-packed, Wi-Fi tablet for kids that allows them to learn and play in a way that's just right for each child. Built kid-tough, LeapPad™3  provides a safe and engaging experience for kids to explore kid-safe Web content with access to a library of 1000+ age-appropriate games, apps, eBooks and videos.

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This is a great kid friendly pad for your kids


My kids love this Leap Pad. We have had ours for over two years now and it has held up well. It is sturdy, we have dropped it but it is well protected and built to be handled by kids. I think it can hold up very well. The Leap Pad comes with some built in features, a camera and several apps/games. My kids have downloaded additional games. This has been a great way to expose them to the world of electronics where they cannot reach anything adult or harmful. They can search youtube if your wi-fi is set up, but only get to pre selected kid friendly apps. That is amazing because they feel like they get to do something cool but you as a parent don't have to worry. My kids have educational games set up on it and they learn about different sea animals. They learn about the food chain and how to identify different animals. My kids can identify a variety of sea animals purely from playing one of these games. My daughter loves her cooking app that she has to use math to come up with teh rigt ingredients and it also teaches them about healthy choices (she learned about carrots having beta caratene for example). I like that this is a safe way for them to have computer time. My kids are 4 and 7 and love this game. There are not many games for the older level of kids, which is somewhat dissapointing. It seems to be focusing on pre-K kids. But, my 7 year old still enjoys it and seems to find learning adventures regardless. I recommend this toy. Parents and kids will enjoy it. It is durable and great!

Tucson, AZ


Never seemed to work right


I was really excited when my mom said she was getting this for my daughter for Christmas. We opened it for my daughter with great expectations. The first time we used it it seemed to work fine. I went through the set up process and it appeared to be all set up when I handed it over to my daughter. She played for a while and had fun. Now the next time I turned it on it asked me to go through the set up process again. I figured I had just messed something up the first time and hadn't saved the settings. No problem. It wouldn't be the first time. So I went through the set up process again. This time I made sure that I followed all the directions exactly. Again, my daughter played and had fun. It didn't hold her interest for a long period of time, but it was still alright. Now the third time it asked me to go through the set up process I was annoyed. Every time I turned it on it prompted me to set it up. Again and again, I was asked for the same information. It was so annoying. After a few tries we just quit using it. It was just more of a pain than it was worth. If this had worked properly it might have been a nice toy, but since it was messed up right out of the box I guess we will never know.

Southfield, MI


Absolutely fantastic


For a couple of years my kids have been using the leap pad brand. Their last one, the leapfrog leap pad 2, they loved so much. They played it constantly which I know doesn't sound good, but they were learning so much before they even started school. When I seen an advertisement for the leapfrog leappad 3, I was very excited to get it for them. When I went to the store I was very surprised how inexpensive it was compared to a lot of other learnings and kid tablets out there now. This one not only has more features, but there are so many educational games and apps you can purchase that it's almost impossible to just pick one. It's so easy to go online and just download a game onto their computer from yours with a usb cable. Instead of them running to ask me to play a regular game on their Xbox, they run to go practice their letters or I watch them reading along with the stories, words I didn't even know they knew how to pronounce. This version of the leappad is definitely more resilient than the last one because they have both dropped it and not a single scratch even though I wouldn't recommend to try that out. As a learning tool in my eyes, it has been the best way for my child to be not only entertained, but to have fun learning and not realize they're actually practicing reading, writing, and math. There are other games I am waiting to get for them because I am so satisfied with the performance of it. If you're a little reluctant about buying, do some research and you'll see how great the games are, how great the safety features are if you choose to have the wi-if, and how much they'll learn while playing will probably give you a good nudge towards it. Absolutely satisfied and would definitely recommend. Love this brand.



great learning tool


i bought this for my 5 year old and also the green one for my 2 year old ..and they loved it ..its easy for them to navigate and also a fun learning expirience in the process def a must have worth every penny

schenectady ny


LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids' Learning Tablet, Pink

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