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LeapFrog Leap Frog baby swing

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Leap frog baby swing rocks!


for my first child when i had her i did not have any clue on how to help her  fall asleep.  i rocked her and i tried singing to her but nothing ever happened and she just could nto sleep.  i cam accross a leap frog baby swing in the stores and i decided anything could work at this point!  the minute that i put her into the swing and i played music  and started the automatic rocker she immediatly was quiet and she loved what she saw!  her eyes were everywhere and you could tell that she was very amused by the whole swing.  It was very decent to be able to put down my baby in a swing without her crying.  It deffinitly works with all the sounds and how it rocks its own swing.  whenever my baby is crying i put her in there and i start the swing up. i plan on using this swing for all my upcoming children that i hope to have because it works so well and its very nice to have to put your child in it!

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


LeapFrog Leap Frog baby swing

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