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LeapFrog Bouncer

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We love the Leap Frog Bouncer!


My husband bought this for our infant daughter as a Christmas present one year ago. She's too big for it now, but now her little sister is almost big enough to use it. (It's good starting at about four months.) It has lots of different "stations" for the baby to play with, and the seat swivels so that the baby can move around to the different stations. I really love this because I can put the baby in it and she can entertain herself while I cook or clean or do whatever I need to do. Obviously, it only keeps her entertained for a little while--infants don't usually have long attention spans--but I really appreciate the time that it gives me to get things done. My two biggest complaints are (1) that it's a little hard to clean. The seat itself can be removed and thrown in the washer, but the tray on it has cracks in it that are *really* hard to get into. (2) It takes up quite a bit of space in our small apartment, and we don't really have anywhere to store because it's so large. It also takes some time to assemble.

Mesa, AZ


LeapFrog Bouncer

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