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LeapFrog 100 Hoops Basketball Counting Game

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Learning fun


LeapFrog 100 Hoops Basketball Counting Game When my youngest son was learning to count, he needed all the encouragement he could get. The LeapFrog 100 Hoops Basketball Counting Game was so cool. It really gets your kid revved up with all it's capabilities. It can be hung from a door knob, chair, wall, whatever. It also teaches kids to count in English and Spanish! I thought that was really great. As your child plays there are crowd sounds and cheers. Actually, the games plays 2 different sounds. What I honestly like the most about it is that it is flexible in so many ways. It counts backwards and forwards, It attaches to things easily, it's bi-langual and, it's a really good way to get your child some exercise time in. There is a really good mix of physical activity and learning that is fun and stimulating. My son didn't easily get bored with it either, which is some what a change from his normal "I'm bored" behavior.



My daughters love this toy!


My daughter was 2 when she received this toy for her birthday. She loved it! She wasn't quite good enough to get the ball in the hoop unless she put it right in, but she loved the fans that cheer and chant. My older daughter loved it too. They play basketball together now. I love that they can move it from room to room, and it hangs easily on their door handle. The game is a little noisy, but they have a blast playing with it.

Beaumont, CA


I love that it speaks spanish.


I love that it speaks spanish. I just don't like the hook on the back. I have to place the hoop low for my toddler, but the hook limits me to very few locations. It needs a clamp attachment. It comes with a door handle attachment, but that doesn't work for my room.

Virginia Beach, VA


LeapFrog 100 Hoops Basketball Counting Game

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