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Leachco Safer Bather

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safe confortable way to bathe baby


The leachco safer bather is an easy way to bath baby...can use for sponge bath right after hospital, fits in sink for baby and also in bathtub for baby to lay or sit on. Baby can be in as much water as you want, you can squeeze excess water out and hang to dry. I would recommend this seat. You dont have to worry about leakage or not enough cushion or baby being cold because he/she is sitting above the water.

Sayreville, NJ


Great, especially for children with disabilities


My son used this product and is developmentally disabled and has sensory integration disorder, and it helped us so much so we could get bath time done.  You will love the ease of putting your baby in it, and them not yelling because of the water.  They are not having the water get so cold, because it holds the heat and the softness of a pillow allows them to relax.  With other baths you have to worry about filling and dumbing, and the placement of the baby in it.  You don't with this one, and you can even take it with you when you travel, and does not take up the room that all other baths.

Placentia, CA


Safer Bather is better than a baby tub!


The Safer Bather is a great product!  We did not have room to store a normal-sized baby bathtub when our first child was born, so we opted for the Safer Bather.  We bought a regular baby tub for our second child, but I used it only a few times since I liked the Safer Bather so much better!  It works well on a countertop for those early sponge baths since it absorbs any dripped water, but it is great in the tub!  The sponge soaks up the warm water so that the baby stays warm and it is very comfortable.  It is a lot more difficult for the baby to slide off of it and makes bathtime a lot easier and more fun.  It can be hung up to dry and usually drips dry pretty quickly.  I never had a problem with mildew since I would periodically put it in the washing machine.  It comes through the washing machine just fine and a periodic washing keeps it clean.  So far, it has lasted through two children and I plan on using it with number three as well!

Boone, NC


Not impressed


I bought this on the advice of a mother of twins who raved about it.  I think it was because she was just trying to get rid of hers since it did not look like it had been used much.  It took forever to dry and developed a moldy smell that would not go away.  My twins panicked when they were placed on it and it did not hold up very well in the water.

Otter Lake, MI


Great for all stages of bathing!


This bath product was great for me because it was easy to use, inexpensive, and fit well in our small apartment.  It worked great and was snug and secure when my son was an infant and then was the perfect pad for him to sit on once he learned to sit on his own.  We never needed another infant tub.  I liked this product because it provided easy access to all areas of baby for easy, uncomplicated bathing.  It was soft and well cushioned so my son felt secure, and when he could sit up it kept him from sliding around.  The only negative was that it was very heavy when wet and could only dry out if it was hung up.  It also took quite a while to dry.  But I would recommend it if you have a small place because it is easy to store, and it is great if you don't have a lot of money to spend. 

San Juan Capistrano, CA


Convenient for newborns!


This bather was wonderful for the first 4 months! It was very soft and comfortable for our daughter. The foam absorbs the bathwater, keeping the baby nice and warm. One big bonus is that babies will not slip off of it, unlike some other tubs that offer infant cradles. That was a big selling point for me. It's unnerving to have a newborn slipping off of their bath tub and you just don't have to worry about that with this one. This is also a great space saver. It hangs up to dry and isn't big or bulky. One thing to be aware of, however, is that when you are drying it, it really needs to get air to both sides or it will end up smelling mildewy. Although it claims to be machine washable it does pill. It's so inexpensive, that when ours did pill I threw it out and bought another one. After that I was careful to use a drying rack to dry it on and it never smelled again.

Exeter, NH


Now I'm not such a baby about bath time!


When searching for a baby bath-tub, I looked at every option available on the market. I wanted to find something that was comfortable for the baby, but more importantly, something that was comfortable for me. (first time parents definitely shy away from the bathing experience!) **Consider the age**During the first 6 months, when your child's trunk has not yet developed, you really need a bath that they can lay flat in. There are a couple of plastic versions out there, but I found them to be cold and hard to use in my bath tub. So, I turned my attention toward the softer, warmer surfaces. Then, I stumbled upon the Leacho Safer Bather. **What I like about the Leacho**   - I liked that I could use the Leacho in my bathtub and fill the bathtub up with a couple of inches of water. I didnt need to store all the water I wanted to use in my plastic tub. - I also liked that the Leacho is absorbent. So, it kept the baby nice and warm and not sitting on cold plastic. It also keep the baby from slipping. - The Leacho also works perfectly in the sink if you arent yet ready for the full bath tub experience-- so it is multi-purpose. - The Leacho allows you to easily wash the entire baby without having to really lift them. The plastic ones make it much harder to wash their backside. My kids are now 3 and 18 months, and they still love the Leacho. They just use it as a sitting pad -- which makes for a more comfortable bathing experience.  No cold porcelain for them! This gets a thumbs up from me!  

Chicago, IL


Leachco Safer Bather

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