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Lb, Terro Ant Dust, Perimeter Treatment Can Be Used Ind

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Effective As A Perimeter Barrier Until It Rains


If you have small ants that seem to invade your house as soon as you put anything in the trash can you could benefit from using a perimeter powder product like Terro Ant Dust. This works on most types of ants but isn't all that effective on other types of insects like silverfish or potato bugs (pill bugs). I use this outside the house as soon as I transplant my seedlings; that seems to be when the ants start to show up and lay down the scent trails. Even when you use this, you are still going to see ants inside. Once they walk through the dust they have a hard time picking up the scent of other ants and it clogs their lungs. The dust is easy to use but you need to apply it close to the ground so that it doesn't cause a dust cloud in the air. My dogs have never showed any interest in this when I have applied it near the wall or along the sides of the house. On the label it says that it is waterproof but I have to reapply it to the outside walls after it rains. It is also a great product to apply around the outside of windows to create a barrier for larger ants. If you have cracks in walls and ants are using that as a way to get into your home you can apply the Ant Dust to that area to cut them off. The easiest way to do that is to take a piece of paper, make a crease in it and use it as a funnel to get the dust into the crack. Another problem area is the pool; with water getting splashed around and the dogs jumping in and out of the pool I see an increase in ant activity. I use this around the ledge of the pool a week or so before it gets uncovered and treat the area around the pool as needed.



Lb, Terro Ant Dust, Perimeter Treatment Can Be Used Ind

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