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Potato Chips
Lay's - Pepper Relish

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Lay's Pepper Relish Chips taste like crap.


I got a bag of Lay's Pepper Relish Potato Chips thinking that they would taste pretty good and since the store was having a buy one get one free sale on Lay's, I could try it for free. Even being free could not help these terrible tasting potato chips. If there is any pepper relish flavor at all it is buried under the worst tasting vinegar taste I have ever had the displeasure of tasting. Salt & Vinegar flavored chips do not usually have this much vinegar flavor. I can not stand the taste of vinegar and with such a strong vinegar taste I could not eat more than one chip and that one chip made me feel sick. No one in my house would touch them. Everyone thought they tasty nasty. And nasty is the nicest way of putting what they actually said about these horrible tasting potato chips. I had to just throw away what was left which was pretty much the whole entire bag full. Unless you like the taste of vinegar stay far, far away from these chips and even if you do like the taste of vinegar be warned this sucker has got one strong vinegar taste.

Suffolk, VA


FABULOUS... BEST Tasting New Chip in a Long Time!!!


I loved the Pepper & Relish chips!!!  The Cajun chips I hate so I would recommend that the spicy food lover head towards the Cajun chips but throw every spare bag of Pepper & Relish to me.  The only thing that upsets me is that I live in Florida where the don't sell the Pepper & Relish, but only the Cajun...  Lays please remember that a large portion of the South Florida residents are people that relocated from the northeast.  Also we are loyal to american brands and foods like Lays, than these non-american born south floridians, that tend to eat much lower quality brands of snacks.  So bring Pepper and Relish to South Florida.

Hollywood, FL


I wish they sold those chips in more locations. They're GREAT


These chips are amazing. Every store that sells the Pepper and Relish Lays chips has sold out of them. Each chip has a great amount of flavor and u actually taste the relish and pepper. It temps u to lick your fingers...lol And there is not an overwhelming taste of vinger. Hey if u dnt like the Pepper Relish Lays chips that means more for me to pic up for the family bc we all love it

Bronx, NY


Lay's - Pepper Relish

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