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Potato Chips
Lay's - Flamin' Hot

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really hot!


To my humble surprise, these chips are actually really hot! I didn't know what to expect from these chips but it definitely did catch me off guard. Once again, I recommend that you eat these with a nice cool Subway sandwich or barbecue sandwich. They are a great spicy choice!



Lay's Flamin' Hot is hte best potato chip available.


Hot is the way I prefer just about everything I eat. So if I am going to eat potato chips then they have to be Lay's Flamin' Hot. They have the same great taste as the regular Lay's potato chips but make it even better with the wonderful heat of the Flamin' Hot flavor. Lay's Flamin' Hot could be hotter but they should be hot enough for the average person. I always say it could be hotter but unfortunately potato chips do not go well with salsa or hot sauce. So if I want more heat I have to add some ground cayenne powder. If you really want your Lay's Flaming Hot add 3 tablespoons of ground cayenne pepper to a newly opened bag and then close it up and give it a good shake. This makes Lay's Flamin' Hot outstandingly hot. I can not even eat the whole bag because the heat becomes to much even for me. Don't get me wrong though they are great without adding thing to them but if I do not add something I am extremely likely to eat the whole bag at one time. It is not about sharing since no one else in my family likes spicy food, I have it all to myself Lay's Flamin' Hot are just addicting. I will always prefer Lay's Falmin' Hot to any other potato chip because all others just seem so plain in comparison.

Suffolk, VA


Lay's - Flamin' Hot

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