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Zero Turn Riding Mowers
Lawn Boy
Lawn Boy Zero Turn Riding Mower

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Great mower


Much faster than a regular lawn tractor, due to zero turn. It cut my mowing time by about 70%. Due to our damp climate, it has constant electrical issues due to corrosion. I have had to replace the starter motor twice.

Vancouver island BC


Mower stalls in lush grass


I've got a Z320H Lawn Boy and in the spring it overheats and stalls when I mow tall grass even though I have had the mower tuned up each winter. I've got 3/4 acre and have to stop every so often to let the mower cool when it stalls out. When the grass is not so lush in the heat of the summer it mows just fine.



Dependable, mid-priced zero turn, residential lawn mower.


The **LawnBoy **was my very first **zero turn **experience with that type of mower. I wasn't disappointed. It was fast, relatively quiet, and did a great job of mowing. In fact, it was so much fun I began hiring out to my neighbors and then picked up the job of mowing all the common areas of our subdivision. For the ten or so lawns, this was a terrific idea. For taking on the additional rough areas of ditches, etc. it was a horrible decision. Within a month I was looking to replace the LawnBoy with a commercial grade mower. If your goal is mowing just your lawn, you couldn't ask for a better machine. This mower will give you years & years of great service. Make the investment.

Wildwood, FL


The Lawn Mobile.


Well I have almost a acre of land here where I live. And just have a regular lawn mower with a 6.5 hrsp engine. Well you get tired on the third load, but with this "Lawn Boy Zero Turn" I could finish my lawn in one load. And will even save me half the time of my life. Try this product if you have one -24 acres of land. I surely recommend this toy for the woman mans.

Bakersfield, CA


Lawn Boy Zero Turn Riding Mower

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