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Laura Ashely
Laura Ashely paint

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Great two coat paint - Looks professional


I used Laura Ashley paint to re-paint my house and it looks wonderful.  I could not ask for a better paint.  I painted the Livingroom, Kitchen, Hall, and Bath and have had no problems with either.  I wash the walls with scrubbing bubbles and it has not affected the paint at all.  I am a really happy customer with Lara Ashley.

Largo, FL


When I buy expensive paint, I expect great paint.


On my last round of painting, I bought some Laura Ashely paint. There were some really nice colors in the line. I took the color cards up front so got the brand name - and more expensive than others. This paint goes on fine. It is thick and smooth. Coverage was nice. I was liking it to start with. I got lavendar paint, and it did not look so much like the color card. My mom said that she would call it gray. My son said "dirty white." When buying lavendar, that is not what I had in mind. I tape edges. My hand is just not that steady. I waited a while to pull the tape - not as long as suggested. I never do. This is never a problem, but it was this time. With Laura Ashley paint, pulling the tape jerked edges of the paint off the wall. It was just too thick. If I had waited longer, this might not have been an issue. When I went to wash this paint which is advertised as washable (and I only buy that kind with boys), it just washed more of the color out. Even I had to call it gray or dirty white when I washed it. I still had more paint for one room from one bucket of Laura Ashley so I covered again and was more careful. It went on anemic even over the same color and was again a mess to wash off. Wiping the walls (which should be fine) pulled the color. I will try different paints, but I will not buy Laura Ashley now. The paint is not true to color, it is too thick going on (and chips off), and it does not wipe off the way it is supposed to. Unless you paint every year (and even then beware), do not buy this brand.

southern, NC


Laura Ashely paint

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