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Floor/Box Fan
Lasko Weather-Shield Floor/Box Fan

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Great Fan


This fan works very well, especially considering Gotham it was not overly expensive in the first place. The only complaint that I have is that it is quite loud, especially on the third (highest) setting. It can be quite difficult to hear the tv or hold a conversation in the same room when it is run ing this loudly. Air Flow His fan does move quite a bit of air, which is helpful in our house since we use an evaporative cooler instead of air conditioners or central air. This fan does a great job of taking the air from behind it and pushing it forward into the next room. Durability We use this fan a lot throughout the summer, even sometimes for about 24 straight hours. But after a few years of this, it has shown no signs of wearing out. The cord, blades, and frame are all still strong, and the motor doesn't sound like it's about to burn out. Design The box is quite narrow from front to back, so it is easy to slip into the slot between the wall and piano to get it out of the way when not in use.




This fan is cool


This is a great fan for the price. It's powerful enough just on the lowest setting and does a great job circulating air. You can put it in a window and a little bit of rain doesn't slow it down a bit. It's really not too noisy, either. The only drawback is that the electrical cord is on the shorter side, so depending on where you put this fan, you could need an extension cord.


Quincy, MA


i think this lasko fan blows in a great way a lot of air flow


i like the fans that lasko puts out the seem to flow air better than others i have tried and this one is in the same great line. the way their blades are designed makes a big difference. i have this one blowing the are to circulate the cold air from the ac in my living room and it does way better than my last fan.


Toledo, OH


Lasko Weather-Shield Floor/Box Fan

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