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Lasko Portable Ceramic Electric Compact Heater

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Very decent heater for its price!


I got this heater on sale and I have mostly been impressed by it. It comes with the usual functions that most heaters nowadays have. You can select low or high output and then the temperature. However, temp will shut off once it detects the room is of similar temp. This can be good and bad as sometimes I like to keep the heat going. The only way to keep the heater running is to put the heat on the max level (which can get very annoying). However, I know many other heaters like this so this isn't something very unusual. The heater is in general, very reliable. Its been working for about 2 years without breaking down until recently it wouldn't turn on. I thought it was dead but after leaving it disconnected for a while it started working again. All in all I'm very satisfied with my purchase and I would recommend this to others. However, currently there are more models that are thinner with more extra features that may be more appealing.

Seattle, WA


Lasko 5362 is under recall


Found out my Lasko Model 5362 Space-Saving Tower Heater with Oscillation is being recalled.  If you google you will find more info about the recall. It worked great until I started having problems with the auto safety shut-off. It was one of my favorite heaters.  When trying to find a fix I found out about the recall. Sent back to Lasko using their prepaid box and still have not got the replacement after 6 weeks.  Brrrr....I hope it comes soon!

Lebanon, TN


Lasko Portable Ceramic Electric Compact Heater

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