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Lasko Electric Baseboard Heater

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Love it.


I bought this heater in 2012 and loved it from the first time I used it. It is so quiet, and heated the bedroom perfectly. But, it did use a lot of electric, so I put it up and didn't use it for a long time. I recently got it back out, have it in front room, and it still works great. I know my electric bill will go up, but hopefully my propane will last longer since I turn the furnace down some.


Warren County, Pennsylvania


A nice heater that warms the whole basement.


Good. Performance Heats are basement well. Like that we can set the temperture to what we want. Also, like the fact that it has an automatic shutoff. Ease of Use A little harder to take out of box and start. I actually had to read the directions to know what buttons to push. Durability Has held up for over three years. Design Long and low. Not good with animals and small children. Safety Automatic shutoff. Only the top vent ever gets hot.




Lasko Floor Heater the model I got was 5628, but is identical


I love this type of heater as it fits along your doorway and can easily be stepped over. It keeps the room your in warm. Performance The heater does what its meant to do and keeps your room warm that your using it for. Ease of Use Very easy to use and lets you set the temperature that you want in that particular room. I love this option. Durability Very durable product, and safe as well. Can't really do any damage to this at least not by accident, simply because its low to the floor but goes along a whole doorway. Design Good solid design and its the kind of heater that I like for my room. Love the skinny long design to be easily stepped over. Safety Very safe as once it hits the temperture that you want to obtain it shuts off for awhile until it gets cooler again.


Lincoln, NE


It caused me dry throat. . .


It is very quiet. It is free standing. It is safe because i tried turn it upside down and it turned itself off. It has a fire hazzard censor. It is not hot when you touch it but it does warm the surface up. It doesn't have a handle which makes it difficult to carry from room to room added to the fact that it is bulky and long horizontally. It is free standing but it occupies a lot on floor space. It is like two and a half feet long. You have to clear out more space to be able to use it maybe at least 6 feet radius, not all rooms has that so much space to spare for a heater to put on. The no noise at all is the upside part of this product but tends to dry out my throat. I now have sleep defficiency because i wake up early in the morning due to overwhelming dryness of throat. Even on daytime too. Maybe it might be good if you position this heater couple of feet more away from you. It also doesn't heat right away. You have to wait for 30 minutes to an hour before it can heat a small room. Not buying this product again.


Oxford, MS


Lasko Electric Baseboard Heater

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