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Lasko Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote


Lasko's #5586 features programmable thermostat with 8 hour timer. Elongated heating element, widespread oscillation and penetrating air velocity push warmth throughout the room. Safety features include self regulating ceramic element, overheat protection, V-O safety plastic and cool-touch housing.

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This heater heats a room very quickly.


We have had this heater for several years. We mostly use it during bath time to keep the rooms warmer. It heats really quickly and efficiently. I also love the oscillating feature. Performance Is here's a great job at meeting rooms. I often turn it on about five minutes before I go into the room to ensure that the room is warm. It left on with the door open the whole house gets warmer. This tiny heater puts out a great deal of heat! Ease of Use I have to be honest after having this machine for years I still can't figure out how to use some of the buttons and functions. I know how to use the important ones and that's what counts. Durability I probably had the heater for about five years I have not had any issues with it. Design I love design of this heater. It's small enough to store and just about any area, but also looks great sitting in the corner. Safety After hearing all the horror stories about space heaters I have to admit I'm rather scared about leaving my on for an extended period of time, however there have been times that I have left it on and it was perfectly fine. It typically cuts off once it reaches a certain temperature or after a certain time period.



Efficient in large rooms


We use this in a 25' x 25' room over an UN insulated garage where the furnace is not very efficient. This heater keeps the room very comfortable. I like that there is a thermostat to set this heater to run automatically, keeping the room at our desired temperature. Ease of Use Love that there is a remote to use from across the room for when we are in bed. If the temperature becomes uncomfortable, we can adjust it from the comfort of our bed across the room from the heater. Durability So far this has been operating daily for at least half the day for the last month. Love it Design This space heater not an eyesore in the middle of the room. The sleek design is inconspicuous in the middle of this bedroom where we use it. Safety none of the kids have burned themselves. Thank you!

Westerville, OH


Lasko Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote

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