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Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote


The Lasko # 5588 34-inch ceramic tower heater is taller than most tower heaters to expand the comfort zone. Patented blower technology and widespread oscillation push warmth into the room. Includes convenient electronic remote with digital display. Self regulating safey with automatic overheat protection.

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Great Heater


This tower heater works great at heating up rooms quickly. When it gets to cold I only have to push a single button to get it started and it takes about 30 seconds to start blowing warm air. The buttons are clear and easy to read. The rotation works well and the tower is tall enough to blow warm air where I most want it when sitting on the couch. The buttons are plastic and are showing a bit of wear after two years of use. It still is functioning properly though so I have no complaints. The design is nice enough I don't worry about having it out when people come and visit. Overall, this is a great heater for winter and it works really fast. I generally don't like having it blow directly at me though because it makes my eyes dry out. Performance It does exactly what it says it will--heat! Ease of Use The buttons are clear and well laid out. Durability After two years the buttons show some wear, but it still works. Design I like the design and the remote with the black and silver elements. Safety I'm not sure why safety would be an issue with this. It does shut off after hitting a certain temp if you set it to which is nice.


Redwood City, CA


Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote

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