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Landice Pro Sports Trainer Treadmill

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Very good



I Love My Landice Treadmill


Where to begin!  I love EVERYTHING about my Landice treadmill.  I run anywhere from 4-8 miles on my treadmill six days a week and even after six years, this treadmill runs like the day I got it.  It is an expensive treadmill and takes up space, which could be a turn-off for the casual runner...but for serious runners, I would not recommend anything else.  The life-time parts warantee that comes with Landice treadmills cannot be beat.  Though I do pay to have annual maintenance done on my treadmill to keep it in tip top condition, it is such a relief knowing that *if *anything were go to wrong, Landice is going to take care of the parts with no charge to me.  That being said, I've only had one issue with the treadmill in six years, which Landice took care of immediately and I have had absolutely no further issues since.  I LOVE this treadmill and recommend it to any serious runner who needs a dependable piece of equipment.

West Jordan, UT


landice is my new best friend,


i injured my back at work several years ago, and have been unable to do much for exercise since, so things were getting worse for my health, and my weight was going up up up! after researching treadmills for a few months, we checked a landice out, and bought one, i love this machine, it has up to 15% incline, three different workout settings as well as manual, and is the quietist treadmill i have ever used. the motor is almost silent, and the belt is way quieter than other treadmills. the best part is it has a lifetime guarentee, anytime anything goes wrong with it, no matter where i live, someone will come to my home and repair it with no charge, this makes the extra cost very much worth it. if you are going to invest in a treadmill. this is the one to buy.

Zimmerman, MN


Landice Pro Sports Trainer Treadmill

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