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Land of Nod
Land of Nod Jenny Lind Crib

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Amazingly cute, but not holding up as well as I had hoped


When it comes to style, this crib cannot be beat! It is amazingly cute! We got the yellow version, and it is so beautiful that we based the colors of my daughter's room around this crib! It has a small profile ... not quite as bulky-looking as many of the other cribs on the market. A nice simple style. Yet it does have the cute carved bars and legs that add some excitement to the design. The crib, however, is not turning out to be as high quality as I would have hoped (for the high price and Land of Nod's reputation!). It held up great for years with my first daughter, but the paint is now peeling off now that my youngest daughter is using it. All along the rails and the bottom of the bars, the yellow paint is off, there are shreds of paint along the edges, and there is white underneath. This could really be a safety hazard! She is almost at the point where she can get a big bed, so we cannot get a new crib for only a few months of use, but I am looking forward to the day that she no longer has to sleep with the peeling paint.



the baby sleeps great


this is a very practical and affordable crib .although it dont convert to a youth bed like most do today . my baby seems to sleep very soundly in this crib . it has a single dropside and the bottom slats allow you to lower it to its lowest position so the baby cant climb out .the wood was a nice off brown shade that went with the room beautifully .

Ozone Park, NY


its so incredeable


   this      crib      is    so    exellent    liked    it  ,it    lasted   four   kidds   loved   it they       said    it   was   so   comfy 

Sacramento, CA


dependable crib, unisex and durable


I used this crib for 14 years and 3 children.  Although the paint scratched, we had moved several times.  It was great because the white color allowed for a soft or bright nursery and was good with my son and daughters.  I used laundry baskets for under bed storage.

Belmar, NJ


Perfect for any room boy or girl!


my wife likes to change things on a daily basis and with this crib she can change the whole room and the bed always matches. When we found out that we were having a boy our second time, my wife went on the rampage changing everything. when it got to the crib she did not have to change it. Even after two kids the crib was still safe to pass down to another member of the family when they too had a child.

Bangor, ME


not a good investment


  This was a baby gift for me from my mother. She had wanted my daughter to have a white crib that looked similar to mine as a baby. While this looked good it was not steady or safe in my opinion. I have an older son and was afraid he would either hurt himself or my daughter had he tried to climb it to see her and it fall over. It was very wobbly and shaky. I returned it and got a thicker based one and it had no wobbles. I hope this helps.

Kalamazoo, MI


Classic crib design that exudes sweetness and innocence


I am a fan of a couple of things: land of nod furniture, traditional styles and classic designs. So, when buying a crib, I knew where I wanted to start. I headed over to Land of Nod and checked out all the cribs. There were many popular styles including sleigh beds and modern designs. However, I instantly gravitated to the classic JENNY LIND crib. I just like that look and feel. It was slightly more feminine and baby, but I knew with the right accents I could make it work for both boys and girls. SOLD! I ordered the Land of Nod Jenny Lind crib and have been pleased ever since. **What I like about the Land of Nod Jenny Lind**The bed is sturdy, stable and very well constructed. It comes with wheels, but you can always have it without. The slats are obviously to code so that your child cant fall through or get caught. The side arm is easy to move up and down and the bed portion is easy to move up and down. **The downside of the Land of Nod Jenny Lind.** This crib is definitely more expensive than the Jenny Lind version in Babies R Us. However, I can guarantee you that is feels much more secure. That security was worth the price to me! Also, it takes some work to put it together. We have another crib (that we bought from Craigslist for the 2 month period where we had 2 kids in cribs) and the Jenny Lind crib took much longer to put together!  Also, the Jenny Lind bed does not convert into a toddler bed. I just saw at Land of Nod that you can buy a new side panel but it is pretty pricey and requires reconstructing the bed. In general, Im not into toddler beds, so this was not a big deal to me. **Overall... I like my Land of Nod Jenny Lind. And, I am sure you will too!**

Chicago, IL


Land of Nod Jenny Lind Crib

3.3 7