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Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum

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Classic and elegant


Classic scent, has not been surpassed.


Spartanburg, SC


Tresor has an AMAZING LONG-LASTING smell


Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum is a great buy.  I always would use faint smelling body sprays that would work for a while but a an hour our so the smell would be gone.  I was hesitant to buy a perfume because I never did like the scents I had smelled before this.  I always thought that perfumes seemed strong, overpowering, and had a nasty popery scent.  Plus I always associated perfumes with the smell of a grandmother's suffocating scent of flowers.  After smelling a sample of Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum out of a magazine I decided to try it.  The bottle itself is pink and **elegant** and is **pretty** on a dresser.  I found the scent surprisingly to be non-suffocating and **fresh**.  I don't think the perfume is overpowering at all and I enjoy what it smells like **(not the generic flower smell)**.  Perfume** lasts** throughout the entire day unlike the body sprays that I was using before.  I enjoy using this perfume along with matching scent lotion.


Carleton, MI


Teasing, taunting, tempting, alluring fragrance


When I first smelled this perfume on my sister, I fell in love with it. She couldn't remember the name of it, so she promised to get it to me when she got home. To make a long story short, the bottle ended up lost. I went to several stores searching for the fragrance, just by smell. I can tell you how frustrating that was. I liked the fragrance so much, that this became my mission. I found it before Christmas at a department store.  Once I sprayed it on me, I loved it. I just knew I had hit pay dirt. I knew my husband would love it. The funny part about this is he did indeed love it. He conspired with my sister to buy it for me at Christmas also. One whiff and he was hooked also. He really likes the perfume. I have a few others, I alternate with this one, but this is my special occassion perfume. It has a sexy, alluring smell that smells different on every person who uses it. If you are searching for a new fragrance, try Tresor. You will love it as much as I do.


Garland, TX


lovely fragrance


I never had any fragrance that I hated so much at first and came to love so much as the hours of wearing it rolled on. This was putrid to me when I first sprayed it on but I wore it anyway on a date with a guy I didn't like much and by the end of the evening I was in love--with Tresor. It is super sexy, more so than any perfume I've ever smelled. It smells like you know you will get laid at the end of the evening. It lingers there always in the background announcing that you applied a magnificent scent knowing it would lead to some incredible lovemaking. It is perfumey. It lingers all evening. Is that peach, vanilla, spices, honeysuckle, white musk? I can only guess. I don't call this oriental or flowery or like anything I can describe. Love love love this perfume. I use the body lotion for everyday, and for special occasions, I layer with the bath foam, body lotion and perfume. Love love love it. It's light but definitely there... elegant.


Elmira, CA


Classy Perfume


Lancome Tresor has been my Mom's favorite fragrance for years. It's very sophisticated and classy perfume, sweet and floral. It's a pretty heavy fragrance and one spray is enough to last all day. Tresor is for woman who wants to be noticed. Its rich and deep aroma reminds me of a flower garden filled with roses and blooming fruit trees. :)Tresor is a very warm, extremely feminine and sexy fragrance. I can smell rose, apricot and iris in it with some vanilla, musk and oriental notes. The drydown is powdery sweet and very sensual. Being fruity and sweet, Tresor is still elegant and classy. Probably this perfume is more for women rather than young girls because his smell is so deep and complex. I really like the bottle design of Tresor fragrance.Tresor is a perfect perfume for a romantic night out when you wear a nice dress and high heels. I would recommend it to women who are confident and sophisticated.


Murrieta, CA


Lancome Tresor is sexy!


I'm an avid user of body sprays. I started using them instead of heavy perfumes years ago and swore I'd never use perfume again. After receiving a sample of Lancome's Tresor I decided to use it when my husband and I attended a friend's wedding. I loved the scent. It's sexy and not too strong. I received plenty of compliments and lots of people asked what perfume I was wearing because they loved it! I still use my body sprays but I know use Tresor when I go out to dinner, or a movie, for special occasions, or any time that I want to feel extra sexy! The scent makes me feel confident and I love the fact that it isn't so strong that it's the only thing that people notice when I walk in the room. They have to get close to me to smell it. It you're looking for a lighter, sexy scent Tresor may be just what you're looking for. And the scent will stay with you all day, there's no need to reapply it.


Canton, OH


Lancome Tresor-sexy but a little too strong


**Lancome Tresor- lives up to its name as a Lancome perfume. It has likes and dislikes among people who smell it. Its fragrance is sexy but strong. It reminds me of a strong, confident businesswoman, and it would go well with a business suit, formal clothing, and in the workplace as long as the wearer does not overapply.** **It can also be paired with casual but sexy clothing- slinky, dark, slimming. It is a good price- cheaper than most of comparable quality. **


Mililani, HI


Little strong but alright


I bought Tresor for women by Lancome Paris parfum off of the net.I smelle it in a magazine and new I had to have some.The upsid to it is it is a classic and it does hav a little floral scent that makes you think about the 1950's kind of like Coco Chanel but the bad thing is it is costly but like I always say you can neve rput a price on beauty.This is good for when your going to a causla dinner or a nice date.This is however not god for thsoe with noses that have the keat bit of allergies because if you spray this to closely to your shirt it tends to give you a headache.You have to really lightly spray ti which can be a little tricky.The upside is you can go back in time and still be a beautiful romantic.


Hickory, NC


Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum is a joy to wear & too share!


Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum smells amazingly good.  It's the kind of fragrance you wear when you want someone to notice you, in a good way of course!  The scent is amazingly sweet, crisp and fresh yet flowery.  It smells like ritzy and very expensive perfume, like it came from a pricey store in Beverly Hills or in Bel Air.  The scent is exquisite, like a bed of flowers that is located on a mansion for the elite.  Okay, I think you get the message.  Although the scent is delightful, it can be a bit strong and it will stay with you for hours.  Wearing Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum will get you many complements in a fashion that will be very appealing.  But that's not all, the design of the bottle is gorgeous and tres chic and "Oh so, very unique"!  The writing on the container is pretty as well, in a grand way.  I do wish that it wasn't so expensive, but if you buy it with a "gift with purchase", it is well worth the money.  I also give it "4 STARS" because although the bottle it comes in is lovely, it is a little on the small size.  I would rate "Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum" an "8.5" on a scale of "1-10".  I think if you want to smell rich, then you really should get this!


Stockton, CA


Great smelling fragrance.


Tresor, my favorite perfume.  I wore Tresor all through the 90's.  Everywhere I went people (men and women)  would say, you smell wonderful. I did smell good, I felt good. One or two spritzes is all you ever want to use. I would often spray it on my legs and just let the fragance waft upward. As I grew older, Tresor no longer smelled as good on me.  I no longer received the compliments that I used to.  I still got what do have on, it really smells goo, but it no longer smelled good to me.  Fortunately, after several tries at the Lancome counter, one of the stores I went to to the lady told me that fragrance changes with hormones and medications.  Now, I understood why my favorite fragrance was no longer my friend. I still have a small bottle of Tresor that I occasionally use, but it is no longer my signature scent. I definitely recommend it to others. It is a great scent.  It is strong, so you need to respect it, don't bathe in it, just a couple sprays and it will last all day.  Some people have said the price is high, but you use so little it lasts a long, long time.


Eaton, OH


Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum

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