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Lancome Tonique Radiance Clarifying Exfoliating Toner 6.8 oz

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Smooth toner, smells great!


Excellent, gentle, smoothing and refreshing toner. I wouldnt say that it makes me feel "exfoliated" though. I've found this issue with many of Lancome's "exfoliating" products. But I do love Lancome products, they are always refreshing and gentle. They always smell great, too! I always thought that all toners smelled like alcohol and chemicals, and were harsh and very drying. But Lancome changed my mind. Also, if you use a good quality cotton pad or cotton ball, then you don't need to use much at all. I love that they infuse natural ingredients into their products, like flower and other plant essence. I really wish Lancome would remove all parabens, from all of their products, as they do not HAVE to use them-and we (the consumers) would be much better off if they would. Be careful, read labels and do your research if there are no labels. Do yourself a favor and try to find products without parabens! (*Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Methylparaben, Butylparaben)*

Attleboro, MA


Lancome Tonique Douceur lotion is a great toner product


The Lancome Tonqiue Douceur is a toner and cleansing product. I use all Lancome products on my face and the purpose of this product is to soften and clarify my skin. I use this toner two times a day. It does not contain alcohol and it is gentle enough that I can use this on my very sensitive skin without having a reaction. My normal use of the toner is to apply with a cotton ball following a wash with Lacome's milky cream cleanser. Any dirt or make-up that the cleaner might have missed is washed away. I have also used this product when my face is very hot. A few swipes of a saturated cotton ball and my face cools down. I have also noticed that it helped to reduce any redness. In the dry season of winter, I have found this toner to be very hydrating. I also wanted to point out that you should not neglect your neck area and that once I finish with my face, I always use this toner on my neck. I highly recommend this toner for all skin types and especially for sensitive skin!

Medford, NJ


Lacome Tonique is just the best out there


First thing about this product is that it can be very strong and over-powering for some people that have smelling sensitive but for me I do not really mind. Lancome Tonique Radiance Clarifying Exfoliating Toner does an amazing job after I have cleansed my face. I pour some of the toner onto a cotton pad and run it all over my face. It leaves a nice cooling effect and removes traces of any make up that was left behind. I had popped a pimple earlier and the toner made it sting a little bit but it was bearable. Surprisingly, this toner did not leave any residue, sticky feeling and it absorbed into the skin a few minutes after being applied to my face. During the fall and winter time, using this product will dry out my skin a little bit so I would have to use a heavy duty moisturizer to replenish my skin. A whole bottle of this stuff can last me almost six to seven months (everyday usage) which is so worth it because this product is a little pricey.

Fairfax, VA


Exfoliating toner is simply a must!


I have combination skin that is sensitive. Therefore, I am always on a search for a good toner. I am no longer searching for a toner because I have found the Lancome Tonique Radiance. It is simply amazing. This toner has exfoliating like qualities because it helps cells turn over more quickly to reveal better skin. After using this products for seven months my skin has become more clear and I have stopped using exfoliaters. I havent used an exfoliater since because this toner just removes all the dead skin cells, excess oil after I have cleansed my face. It leaves my skin silky, smooth and it cleans my pores very well. The best part is that it does not dry out my skin or even irritated one bit. Since using this toner my complextion is a lot more clear and brighter. There is an alcohol smell that may overwhelm people that have sensitve nose and for others it might not be an issue. The formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin which is why I call this product a keeper!

Westminster, CA


Lancome Tonique Radiance Clarifying Exfoliating Toner 6.8 oz

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