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Lancome Primordiale Eye Skin Recharge Visibly Smoothing & Renewing Eye Treatment

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Age Defense in a Jar


My mother sold me on Lancome products years ago, and although they are more expensive I get some great deals through MyPoints. When I place an order I often get generously sized sample products so I can try out some of their other skin care products. At the age of 56 I am starting to have some fine lines and am looking for ways to help my skin look younger. Lancome Primordiale Age Defense helps. The product comes in a .46 ounce blue container, and I use this at night as a facial moisturizer. I have a sensitive nose, and many floral scented products bother me, but I really love the scent of this face moisturizer. The consistency is thick and luxurious and it blends easily and absorbs quickly. Since I use this at bed time I really appreciate that the cream is not greasy. No gunk on my pillow! Lancome states this cream helps with signs of aging, and while I can't say it has taken years off my face, it is a cream that softens fine lines and has really helped hydrate my dry skin. It has not caused any acne or out breaks, so it appears it is doing its job without clogging my pores. I would purchase this again, but only if it were on sale, as the regular price makes it prohibitive. . Absorption Absorbs quickly with no greasy after feel Doesn't Clog Pores No acne from use, so it is not clogging my pores Effectiveness Effective as a moisturizer but not an anti-aging cream

Eagle River, AK


primordial eye is a smoothing eye cream


The Lancome Primordial Eye Skin Recharge cream is an excellent choice for women in their 30's. Just at that age where some signs of wrinkles are appearing but very subtly. This wonderful cream is smoothing and renews the skin around your eyes softening any soft lines that may be present. I would recommend Primordial Eye Skin Recharge Cream for all those women looking to KEEP looking as young as ever!

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Lancome Primordiale Eye Skin Recharge Visibly Smoothing & Renewing Eye Treatment

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