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Lancome Photogenic Lumessence Light-Mastering & Line-Smoothing Makeup SPF15

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Love Lancome!


I came across this through the sales girl recommendation and have never looked back.  I suffer from moderate acne and after she finished my makeover, you could barely see a blemish or scar!  Typically, I'd still be skeptical because whenever you bring the product home and do it yourself, it never comes out as good, but it still does! It glides on effortlessly and matches my skin tone to the letter.  Will never use anything else.

Rego Park, NY


Best Foundation I've ever used!


This is the first time I've tried this foundation and I love it!  It is a bit expensive, but you don't need much so it last quite a while.  It covers very well and makes my skin look so smooth.  Will definately be buying again.

Lexington, SC


Its worth every penny


This product is a little pricey but it lasts a long time and is by far better than any makeup I have used.  It covers well and is not heavy or greasy feeling.  I have tried other cheaper products but they don't come close to this product.  Its worth the money.

Schenectady, NY


I would recommend Lancome make up because it really works


I would recommend Lancome make up because it really works.i have  used Lancome only once  . although i have used it only once the only reason i didn't buy it was because i wanted to try other brands . what it does it actually gives a shine and nice selection of colors are not too extreme and very subtle . It totally fits my skin colour since i don't have dark or fair skin but mixed .So it gave me a superb color pluss that it has the SPF 15 factor which makes it perfect because then i don't have to use sunscreen repeatedly.It also looks great on pictures , i took a couple of pictures with it and my face had an amazing color on both pictures . I am currently using the Estee Lauder make up foundation but i will see if i will see if i will buy the **Lancome Photogenic Skin Illuminating Makeup SPF 15 again . the thing that i don't like about Lancome and the French products is that still many French brands do testing testing on animals .**

North Tonawanda, NY


Wow i have tried this before and its amazing


Well im what you would call a Barbie doll i love to fool around and play with makeup. So beleive me when i say that this is one of the most natural and prettiest foundation at least on my skin and i have really pale skin so that should say alot. So i suggest this if your going somewhere fancy or need to dress up otherwise its too dress uppy if you ladies understand what im saying lol. Anyways that doesnt stop me i wear it every day lol!

Indianapolis, IN


poor coverage, very oily makeup


I had got Lancome's Photogenic Luminessence and I was very excited about it and wanted to like it. But it turned to be a total disaster. As soon as I put it on my skin, it melted off my skin and didn't even cover the slightest uneven skin tone. It is sheer to the extent that it feels like you have put some grease on and absolutely no color on your skin. and it took a lot of cotton balls and two washes to remove it completely from my skin. If I had to apply it on day-to-day basis, I would practically rub it off anything that touches my face. I would recommend only people with very dry skin to try it and that too with no guaranteed results. I am disappointed with Lancome. I am returning the product. The only good thing I found with the foundation was it has a nice color selection from the lightest skintone to the darkest one. But color won't do anything if the foundation isn't going to stay on you face.

San Diego, CA


Does not cake.


Found this particular foundation by accident.  Had to use my mother's when I had forgotten to pack mine.  Now I won't use anything else. Goes on very smooth - doesn't cake-up.  It is very easy to apply because it seems to just glide on to the skin, and it doesn't leave make-up lines.

Mcalester, OK


Lancome Photogenic Lumessence Light-Mastering & Line-Smoothing Makeup SPF15

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