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Any Lancome masacara will get my eyes noticed!


I am 47 yrs. old and have tried many mascara in my life time. My mom gave me a sample of Lancome and I was sold for life. I lose my way some times, not close to a mall and buy another brand but there isn't anything out there like Lancome mascara. Lancome isn't cheap but the quality is worth it. I've seen it mentioned on Morning show and Talks shows, all I can say is they are preaching to the choir. Lancome everyday all day thats my way!

Olivehurst, CA


Makes for Pretty Eye Lashes!


Mascara can be a tricky thing to buy.  There are so many out there and some of them just do not cut it at all.  I received a free sample of Lancome mascara and I just love it.  Cheap mascaras have a tenancy to end up under my eyes by the end of the day, giving me a not so attractive I-need-more-sleep look.  Yeah, I save money, but paying for a raccoon look is not on my to do list.  When I put on this mascara is stays right where I want it to.  I am also very impressed by the application.  When I put it on it is not clumpy and leaves my lashes with a natural lash like form.  Many mascaras I have used are like bark on a tree and leave a very mutated looking lash.  Overall I think that Lancome Mascara makes eye lashes very pretty and attractive doing what the product was intended with no other surprises.  The downside is the price, but  I have found that my little sample has lasted quiet a long time, so I would suppose that the full size tube would as well making the price seem just a little bit better.

Salt Lake City, UT


Lancome Mascara is a great product


Lancome mascara is a great and quality product. It instantly provides life to your lashes and leaves them feeling naturally longer and well colored. I use the black color mostly, and feel just like a model or movie star when I see the radical transformation to my lashes. Lancome has a great variety of quality products and I like to try them all out. I use their eyeliner along with the mascaras to get a great look. When looking for a mascara I always look for one that isn't too thick or lumpy and that lasts all day. Lancome meets my expectations well and is my favorite. I've tried 3 of their colors and like them all. They make your lashes really long and beautiful, and they don't stick together the way some other mascara brands make them do. Lancome is a really great brand name that has been out there for a long time. They really know what they are doing, and their mascaras are just the best!

East Brunswick, NJ




Their mascaras are fantastic.  When you put it on, you dont even feel like you're wearing mascara.  It is long lasting and seems to be waterproof.  I will never go back to drug store mascaras!  Lancome is definately worth the price tag!

Rochester, PA


Lancome Mascara Brushes My Lashes Long and Sexy


Normally I do not use a great deal of makeup. However, being raised a "fine southern woman" I know that there are three things I should never leave the house without, smooth skin (via a foundation, my preference [**Lancome Renergie Lift Make Up SPF 20**][1] **) **mascara and lipstick.  I am currently using **Lancome's Mascara** in Classic Black and really don't want to turn back.  **Lancome Mascara **is thick and rich, even if I forget to take my make up off after working late at night, I don't wake up with raccoon eyes and most of the time I don't even get flakes.  Thanks to the astounding brush that Lancome uses, the mascara spreads quickly and easily on each and every lash, not like some mascara's where you have to keep going over and over your lashes to get the desired length.  There is no primer coat -- so it saves me time in the mornings, not like that last brand I tried. With the **Lancomes Mascara in Black, **my lashes are long and sexy, making me feel sexy too.  I don't even mind wearing my glasses as the length is just perfect for showing off, but not so long as to get the lenses dirty. It is a great deal more expensive than other mascara's, so for now, I will just keep getting free samples at the counter or my free gift with purchase. Eventually I will have to decide are my lashes "worth it."   [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Lancome-Renergie-Lift-Make-Up-SPF-20-review-5e9d4

Houston, TX


Too chunky, gets dry and flakes off.


I'll be honest. Sometimes I stay out late and end up having to wear the same mascara the next day. I have a ton of Lancome that's been given to me as gifts and everytime I wear it overnight, the stuff is flaking off into my eyes by morning. It probably has something to do with the fact that it's pretty clumpy and not very smooth coming out of the tube. It might thicken, but it doesn't lengthen.

Bronx, NY


Lancome Mascara - All Products

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