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Lancome Flash Bronzer Tinted Anti Age Self Tanning Face Lotion SPF 15

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Great stuff


I love to use this Lancôme Flash Bronzer on my face because it is not only a great self tanner, but it also has an SPF! Most tanners or self bronzing lotions do not offer some sort of UV protection so you end up putting three or four layers total on your face to prevent sun damage. With this product you get all in one making your day a lot shorter and your face less prone to breakouts, dryness and rashes, and/or oily skin. I love the color this product gives me without having to apply more than a thin layer. It is easily absorbed so my skin feels moisturized, but also has a great glow. I cannot really tell the effects of the anti-aging part of the lotion though. It keeps my skin smooth, but it has had no major tell-tale signs. This also might be due to the fact that I still have young skin. I have used this product everyday for at least a week in a row and it works great and lasts all day.



terrible smell


I have sensitive skin so most self tanners leave my skin dry or cause breakouts. I decided to try Lancôme flash bronzer tinted anti age self tanning face lotion since my skin reacts well to their products... I was very disappointed. My first disappointment came from the scent of the self-tanning face lotion. It smelled so strongly of metal and the smell intensified as the day went on. Another huge disappointment is the color that the self-tanner dries as... It is ORANGE. I tried to scrub it off but it stayed on my skin for about 2-3 days. Some positives about the face self tanner are that the solution is tinted so it helps you to see which areas that you have applied it to so that you avoid looking spotty. Also the lotion has an SPF in it, which a lot of self-tanners often lack. Would not recommend this product. It is way too expensive and the color is so unnatural, and the smell is unbearable.



Lancome gives me a glow of a CA girl, not orange, Tan. It Works


Being a California girl, everyone expects a beautiful year round tan.  Well, I prefer to refrain from the suns rays that not only can burn my light colored skin, dry out my skin and make me look older.  Most importantly, it can cause skin cancer!  I have tried some of the other tanning lotions on the market and have come out either an orange color, dark brown streaks, white areas and the product rubbing off on my clothes after the recommended waiting time.  Lancome is a well trusted brand and I really like the look on my face.  It has a slight glow of a young healty girl and the color is not overdone with my fair complextion.  I also thought if it looks this good on my face, why not try it on my arms.  After three hours I could see a difference in my skin color.  Sun all over me in the Winter!  How cool is that?  Then I got a little more brave and decided to apply the Lancome Lotion on my legs.  I couldn't believe the outcome.  I was able to wear shorts for the first time in a long time.  No streaks, even color that went well with my own light colored skin and after waiting the recommended time, it did not rub off on my clothes or bed linens.  Now I am spoiled.  Sure I pay more for the Lancome product, but what price would you pay for what you think is finally a product from a tried and true company that stands behind its products and it works?  I usually re-apply every three days after I get the color I want to maintain that color I want.  If I shave my legs, I need to re-apply the Lotion as I can actually see the color leaving my legs.  It's old skin anyway and after the additional application a day ahead of schedule, I am back to looking like a glowing California Girl. 

San Jose, CA


it's very good for me


I have tan olive skin, but living in Seattle I easily get washed out looking due to lack of sun.  I have tried a lot of self tanners for the face, but this is by far the best. It goes on evenly and I can see the difference instantly, plus I get additional color gradually with time. It smells pleasant, it has just a faint fragrance which is fine, unlike some other overpoweringly fragranced products I've tried which cause me to break out. This one is just right. I look healthy and natural with or without makeup. It eliminates that dull looking skin that I sometimes have, and it doesn't make my pores appear larger like other products do. The price is reasonable too, considering this is an anti-aging and self tanning product in one. I would highly recommend this product.  One pump provides enough product application for the face, it glides on smoothly and evenly, no streaking or tell-tale signs of using a self tanner. The color is a subtle glow. I apply my face serum first, then apply eye cream and sometimes Smashbox Pro concealer around the eye area. I then apply this product. I find I do not need any foundation, and note that I would have to have a tiny bit darker foundation when using this product.

Santa Barbara, CA


Lancome Flash Bronzer Tinted Anti Age Self Tanning Face Lotion SPF 15

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