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Lancome Fatale Mascara

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BEST mascara ever! lancome fatale


I have a very simple beauty routine. When it comes to makeup, the most I wear (usually) is mascara. I have extremely dark and long, thin eyelashes. That being said, i'm incredibly picky about my mascara. Most do a good job of making my lashes longer, but that's not really what I need. I need something that will lengthen without making my long lashes spidery and crunchy. This is the one for me! After discovering this mascara, I don't think i'll ever willingly buy another again!

Bozeman, MT


No clumps and very easy application


Super easy to apply with comb brush.  I am never going back to clumpy wands anymore.  It was my first experience using comb applicator and I would highly recommend it to everyone.  Great quality product and would purchase again.

East Lansing, MI


the product is good but the brush is impossible


I wish this worked better!  I was into the mascara itself - it's really dramatic - but the plastic, non-bristle brush is impossible for me to use.  I always had to comb the mascara through with a separate lash comb, which then got goopy from the mascara and had to be washed.  I don't know, maybe I should try swapping brushes with the tube...  If you're someone who's adept at handling those funny plastic mascara combs, then maybe fatale could work for you.

Claremont, CA


Love Lancome but Fatale -- No Way


Ok so let me say that I bought this product a couple years back when it first debuted.  I never test Lancome products really especially mascara because I have found that all of their products work very well.  However, Fatale was a total different story.  I used it twice and tossed it out.  It is my understanding that Lancome changed their brush from when the mascara first released which is a GOOD thing. I'm not so sure if the mascara itself was bad mascara but the applicator was horrible.  It made for the worst, clumpiest looking lashes.  It was such a disappointment.  Lancome mascara is a staple for me and was the first mascara I found to really give me dramatic looking lashes.  What they were thinking when they released Fatale, I don't know?  Again, I heard they changed the brush but even so I wouldn't try out this mascara again.  I would stick to Difinicils Pro , High Difinicils or Hypnose.  Those three are never let downs in my book and I am sure you will find they won't be a let down for you either!

Glendale, CA


A major disappointment!


The interesting thing about these reviews is that no matter how enthusiastic a writer may be about however many products or services, sooner or later that person is going to bump up against something which is a real LOSER.  You're just going along with five stars for this and five stars for that and suddenly, **WHAMMY**!  So it is for me.  For me, the time has come to be disappointed about a brand I thought I could trust. I like Lancome Cosmetics very much and have pretty much used them exclusively for a long time.  I was willing to pay a little more for what I considered to be a quality line of products.  THEN I tried their Fatale Mascara and found it to be so difficult to apply that I was almost tempted to throw the product away.  The problem is not the mascara itself, but its applicator brush.  **There is none!** The applicator consists of a wand topped with three ridges, with each ridge bearing not a row of bristles but rather barely discernible little tiny rubber nubs.  My years of applying mascara with no problems did not prepare me for this.  The only reason I'm determined to get some use out of this product is that I hate to just waste money by using something once and tossing it out.  As it so happens, because I am retired I no longer use mascara as much as I used to and that's good because this Fatale stuff is really difficult to use and sometimes, unless I'm really careful, the way I look after I have put it on is proof of that.  On a couple occasions, when I was rushed or getting frustrated, I almost poked the applicator into my eye! I really like ViewPoints and I think our forum is an important exchange of information but it is too bad that the manufacturers and others whose products and services we are reviewing don't peek in here occasionally and read what we have to say about them.  Apparently, a little wake-up call is needed now and then because someone at the Lancome Cosmetics Company thought it would be a good idea to have an applicator like this and they were **wrong**.    

Oak Park, IL


Lancome Fatale Mascara

3.0 5