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Lancome Blush Subtil Delicate Oil-Free Powder Blush Cedar Rose (Lancôme)

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A Beautiful VERY Subtle Blush Color For Fair Skin


One of the hardest things sometimes is to find a good blush that will look complimentary on the skin, stay on all day, not go on blotchy, and seem natural. Lancome has had blush colors which are very popular, especially among the people who want natural warm colored makeup that is not particularly trendy. Blush Subtil Delicate Oil-Free Powder Blush in Cedar Rose is one of those colors that you really don't need to have a warmer complexion to wear. It is a pretty light color which goes on smoothly, is highly pigmented, and does not oxidize or turn orange as you have it on your skin. It gives more of a glow from within look. The color is a warm peachy rose color which is very light so it works on lighter to medium skin tones especially well. The twist of cedar hint to the color makes it look very natural and complimentary on many different skin tones. I think the part about this blush that I find useful is that it goes on sheer, but is easily built up on the skin if you want more intense color, yet it does not look over done. **Product Performance** I have not had any problems with blotchy application or with fading through the day when using this blush. One of the worst problems I have with blush many times is that after application, the blush will turn dark and orange and leave me frustrated. This blush does not seem to have that problem either, which makes it a favorite. **Final Comments** Despite the high price tag, this blush is the type of color that you can wear a lot and get use out of for many different looks. I can easily see this as being a blush that could serve as a solitary blush, so as an investment, if the color works on you, it is worth investing in. It does not go bad and can easily be used until there is none left. Other colors that are only used occasionally might not work as nicely as this one will.

Podunk, NY


Lancome Blush is long-lasting and gives great color!


I first started using Lancome blush because I received it in a gift-set. Cedar Rose is a really pretty color and it has some peachy undertones which is why I really like it. I have olive skin and I feel like anything peachy will make me look warm and healthy. Cedar Rose is perfect if you're looking for a natural flushed look and nothing too jarring. I also had Aplum in the gift-set and sometimes I would mix the two and it would make a really nice color. The blush is long-lasting and won't fade after a couple hours. What I also like about it is it doesn't really make me oily because I typically have oily skin. It is a little expensive for blush, but all the good ones are around this price range so I think it's definitely worth the price.

San Diego, CA


Love Lancome blush!


I have been using Lancome since I was 17 and my Grandma would send me all of her samples and I still love it. I was spoiled from the beginning with their great quality! :) I really love this blush because of the light way it goes on. I have very light skin and so a little blush goes a long way and Lancome's blush is perfect. I think it would be perfect for anyone, regardless of their skin type or tone because of how evenly it applies and how well it stays on. The colors are really very natural so you never get that crazy orangy look and simply look naturally glowing and healthy. Definitely worth spending extra on this product so that you can have that healthy glow rather than have people be able to tell that you're wearing blush. In my opinion, you can save money on a lot of other make-up products, but blush is one that is worth paying a little extra for good quality and this is the product to go with if you're looking for quality! :)

Cheney, WA


Lancome Blush Subtil Delicate Oil-Free Powder Blush Cedar Rose (Lancôme)

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