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Lancome Bi Facil 4.2oz.

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Alright eye makeup remover


I've heard so many good things about this product, it's top rated everywhere. With that being said, I honestly do not know what the hype about this product is. I feel like I'm the only person to say this but,  It's an okay product. I was on a search for a new eye makeup remover, and decided to give into the hype and purchase this product. It did remove MOST of my eye makeup after several wipes, but it did take a little more effort than I expected. After using this eye make up remover I did wash my face like I normally do, with a facial cleanser to make sure that I got every single trace of makeup off. This product is pretty decent, especially compared to other eye makeup removers  I have tried to  use in the past. I did end up using the entire bottle, but I did not repurchase it. Instead I will be sticking to my Bobbi Brown eye make up remover, which I think, deserves even more acknowledgment than this product. 

San Jose, CA


Lancome Bi Facil Excellent Eye Make-up Remover


You have to shake the bottle before use which I never forget to do because I've been using this product for long time and I have'nt strayed to anything else. This product is so easy on the eyes, there is no hard wiping or tugging, it just takes it off the eye make-up smoothly with no eye irritation, and I have sensitve eyes.

Woodstock, GA


Super clean, without being drying.


I recieved Lancomes Bi-facil double action eye makeup remover around christmas. I have become addicted to it! I have sensitive skin, and contacts with dry eyes. I wear alot of eye makeup and mascara everyday, so at night, I want something that can remove all of that without me having to take my contacts out! *im blind as a bat!* This product simply works. You just shake it so the two liquids combine, add just a little bit to a cotton swab or cloth and gently swipe it over your makeup. No scrubbing required! This formula is sensitive enough that I got some in my eye on accident and it didnt sting or make my contact hurt! I was shocked! It has a nice clean scent and its super refreshing. it leaves my eye area feeling hydrated and silky smooth and not dry and itchy like most makeup removers. I dont think I will ever use any other sort of eye makeup remover after I found this! It does the job with very little product so the 4.2 fluid oz. really last a long time! This is a must for any lancome lovers!

Rockford, IL


Lancome Bi Facil 4.2oz.

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