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Lancome Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolor Base - Nude

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Lancome Waterproof Eye Makeup Base


I have always loved the Lancome brand name and I have trusted it for years with my skin and eyes. I love Lancomes eyeshadows and think they stay one for most of the day. But like with any eyeshadow sometime in the afternoon it starts to look a little smeared and not having that much color left. So I started to look into some sort of an eye shadow base and where better to go than the Lancome counter at the Mall. But before that I did some research online for eyeshadow bases. So I went to the Lancome Counter at the Mall and they ofcourse had what I needed and wanted. I bought the Lancome Waterproof Eye Makeup Base and at first I was a little worried that it would not work but you know what it worked and it did not just work it work wonderfully. I used my finger and put it on in a thin layer and then I add the eyeshadow on top ot that and it does STAY on ALL day. It also makes my eyelids look more smooth and young looking. I love it and it really does work!!

North Salt Lake, UT


Lancome Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolor Base in Nude works!!


Lancome Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolor Base in Nude is a wonderful way to start out your eye make up routine.  I really like the smooth silky texture of it, it does a wonderful job as long as you do not have insanely oily eye lids.  This applies easily and quickly and dries very quickly on your eye lids.  It being in a little pot makes it easier for you to use and not make a mess.  I love how easily Lancome Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolor Base in Nude applies.  Lancome Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolor Base in Nude gives you wonderful coverage and works to not only even out your eye lids so that they are a perfect base but it also keeps your eye make up in place all day long.  I cannot say that there is anything bad about this product other than the fact that if you have really really oily lids it might start to crease after about 6-8 hours of wear otherwise you will really enjoy this primer because it applies like a dream, it feels silky & smooth and a little goes a long way. 

Neenah, WI


Been Using For YEARS!


I have been using Lancome Aquatique for years!  I love it.  When applied properly (which I'll get to later), my eye makeup does NOT smear, clump, flake off, or collect in the crease.  It looks exactly the same when I go to remove it in the evening as when I applied it in the morning.  I have tried many other products that claim to do the same thing, but I always come back to Aquatique. This is how I use it and what works best for me. . . . - Apply very light moisturizer around eye area. - Allow to penetrate skin thoroughly. - Use makeup wedge to apply Aquatique. - Apply by dabbing on then blending in.  Not too thick, yet not to thin. - Apply makeup as usual. That's it!  It works for me and my friends are amazed that I don't have to freshen up my makeup during the day.  Removing this is also easy and I have found that any eye makeup removed that actually works (LOL), removes Aquatique also.  This product is a must have in my daily routine.  

Mount Airy, MD


Makes eye shadow hard to apply and clumpy.


This eye shadow base is a big disappointment. It goes on fairly well, but when I try to apply powder eyeshadow on top of it, the shadow goes on a more muted color than it looks like and has a rough texture. It is really hard to work with and looks very bad alone or with shadow on top of it. Also, it doesn't seem to keep shadow on well or evenly. I haved used several other shadow bases that I like very much, and I am usually a big fan of lancome products, so I was suprised that I found this one so sub-par. Like all Lancome products, this one is not cheap, but unlike the others, it is not worth the money. I will be taking it back unless I decide not to waste any more time or effort on it and throw it away.  I am hoping that they will redo this shadow base formula or come out with a different shadow base that is on the same playing field with their other products in the near future.  In the meantime, I will  be using cheaper stuff!

Russell, KY


Alabama humidity & 100 degree heat & the eyes still look good


Was in search for an eyeliner that would stay put.  I have tried many different products over the years.  As a busy mom and nurse by mid day the eyeliner would be settling into creases, etc.  The Lancome rep said to keep your eyeliner and eyeshadow in place it starts way before the eyeliner and eye shadow.  She applied the base, then finished my makeup.  After running around in the hot Alabama heat for the next 8 hours, my makeup still looked good considering all the perspiring I had done.  Several days later, another true test of quality, I applied the base, used my drug store brand eyeliner and eye shadow.  I was outside for 7 hours, the heat index was 103, I was sweating profusely all day.  I got home that night and my makeup was still pretty much in place.  

Satsuma, AL


The Lancome Aquatique Eye Shadow Base is a great primer!!


The Lancome aquatique eyeshaddow base is an exellent , good quality eyeshadow primer!!!! It makes your eyeshadow look better, feel better and last a lot longer than if you were to put eyeshadow directly on your eyelids without a primer!!!! Overall it is a great product if you love your eyeshadow to look its best and last a long time!!! It is a little pricy because it's Lancome but it is worth it when you think about how much you pay for eyeshadow and how much you have to reapply it through the day!!! The lancome primer is great because you dont have to worry about it wearing off through your work day!!! The Lancome primer is worth the pricy ticket in my oppinion because I can use a lot less eyeshadow which ion the end saves money with eyeshadow itself being so expensive anymore!!! So anyone who wears eyeshadow will love love love this product and wont be able to live without it!!! I recomend it to all my friends!!!

Friendswood, TX


Lancome Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolor Base - Nude

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