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Lancome Absolue Premium BX Absolute Replenishing Cream

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I love this product!!


Great creamy texture ,noticeable difference within a week, Used daily in the evening


Athol Massachusetts


Lancome Absolue premium Bx, a miracle in a bottle!


I treated myself to mascara and a eyeshadow from Lancome and recieved this product as a sample, I was thrilled with the results! The best product, besides the price tag, let me tell you why ; Cons - 1. Pricey - The creme is a little on the pricey side :( Pros - 1. Leaves skin soft - after cleansing my face I applyed this creme, and boy did it make my skin soft ;) 2. Soothing - The texture of this creme is really soothing and feels amazing to apply 3. Diminishes the appearence of dark circles - My dark circles look way less dark after applying this creme 4. Gives the apperance of dewy looking skin - After applying this, your skin will look radiant and dewy, The look all of us ladies strive to have. In conclusion, this is a great product and well worth it!




Worth the Splurge!


I recieved a demo jar of this cream (1 oz./30g), and immediately I fell in love with this product. I am a rather young user, but due to my very high sensitivity to the sun I found this product to be very satisfactory. My main problems that I address are skin discoloration, broken/busted blood vessels, and random skin freckleing (if that's a word..). After using this product for a little over a month, I feel that my skin, especially my cheekbone area, have not only evened in color, but seem to have brightened. While my freckles are still there (darn), they have lightened as well to where concealer can easily cover them. The same goes for my broken blood vessels beneath my eye area, which have been rendered to little red dots. [Though, I have paired that result to also using Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - Protective Recovery Complex]. My most noticible difference would be on the smoothness of my skin, which feels delightful and has improved coverage of liquid foundation without using a primer. All in all its a spectacular product. [PS- Little goes a long way!]


Colton, CA


Must have!


This fantastic wonder cream"Absolue" from Lancome is just the thing for restoring youth. I have sensative skin and was starting to see some affects of sun and fine lines but this has been a great and indulgant repair for me. I've tried several things but this product is hands down the best I've seen.


San Diego, CA


Lancome Absolue Premium BX Absolute Replenishing Cream

5.0 4