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Lamisilk Intensive Foot Therapy Hydrate Daily Hydrating Cream 4 oz

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Lamisilk does not really deliver what's promised.


I bought this product because it's from Lamisilk, and they had a reputation in the sports area for treating athletes foot. I have a problem with rough feet especially in the summer. However, I do not think this product is much more than lotion. It is not very thick when it goes on and feels somewhat just like regular lotion. I understand from reading the lable that it is supposed to have some other ingrediants to make dry skin softer, but it just did not deliever. The other downside is that it is kind of expensive for just being lotion with no other benefits. In order for it to work on rough dry feet, it would seem that it should really be a thicker cream. Also, it should have some other ingrediants that do the job. It does not have a very strong scent so from that stand point it is not unpleasant. If I did have a problem with rought dry feet, I would look for a different product than this, and not be pulled in by the brand name.

Glastonbury, CT


Lamisilk is the best intensive lotion I've ever used


I have problems with dry, cracked, and peeling feet all year round, and problems with very dry skin (hands, elbows, ankles) in the winter. I first tried Lamisilk a couple of years ago when I had a coupon for it. It works better than any other foot lotion I've used. It's very thick, approaching the consistency of vaseline. Many other foot lotions are not thick enough. But when you rub it in, it rubs all the way in without leaving any greasy residue. In fact, it actually does end up with a silky feeling when it's all the way rubbed in. After using it once or twice a day for several weeks, my feet felt much better and had started to soften. Last winter I started using it on my hands, which often get so dry they crack and bleed. I quickly noticed a huge improvement! Lamisilk is a great foot lotion because it rubs all the way in and leaves a silky feeling instead of a damp or greasy residue. It's also a great intensive lotion for any dry skin, because it's very thick and moisturizing.

Marietta, GA


Soft, beautiful feet.... at last!


I spent last summer hiding my feet from view when wearing sandals.  They were dry, cracked, and unappealing.  When I found a buy one get one free coupon for Lamisilk coupon in the paper, I thought why not give it a try.   After a couple of weeks of use, my feet feel the best they have felt in years.  They feel soft and look attractive.  The directions say to use the Lamisilk 2 times a day, but I haven't been able to do that every day.   Even so, this product has done what other creams and even foot buffers have not been able to do for me.  This summer I will be showing off my feet instead of hiding them!

Westfield, MA


Lamisilk Intensive Foot Therapy Hydrate Daily Hydrating Cream 4 oz

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