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Lakewood Space Heater

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This is one toasty heater!


I always like to use this space heater, especially during the cold times. I recently used this heater last week, and it warmed up my whole room in about four hours! It's usually very cold in my room, but with this heater, it can really make a big difference. Although the heat does diffuse throughout the air slowly, it does get the job done of keeping a person warm and toasty. The fan also cuts itself off sometimes (because of being overheated) and will turn back on by itself in a matter of minutes. It can be used at 750 wattage, or up to 1500 wattage of power, but I do not recommend using the 1500 wattage switch on the heater because then it will create a burning smell (even if nothing is by the heater) and will probably overheat much faster. It's also safe to turn the heater completely off (or unplugged) before leaving the house because it can use up power, especially if you're gone for hours, but this heater is the best, especially if you need to be warmed up quick from the cold.

Detroit, MI


Have toasty toes,etc. with Lakewood LAK5500 in your bathroom


My hubby is a cold weather weenie, but the Lakewood LAK5500 Space Heaterkeeps our 10'X10' bathroom toasty in the winter, as we continue to remodel our '70's home.  When we added a porch with a deluxe bathroom, Hubby got an antique cast iron tub to luxuriate in. Fine in warm weather, the porch bath becomes a refrigerator- freezer in winter. We tried a number of heaters: propane (worried about the flame), electric with forced air fan (splashing hazards ,too much extra on the electric bill), and the LAK5500. After much "heated" discussion we found a compromise between safety and warmth in the Lakewood. It's a closed system oil heater, where the oil in the vanes is heated, and the heat is radiated naturally into the room. The heat is set with a simple combination of two energy saving switches and a dial. The heat setting dial varies between Low - 1 and High - 8; a base setting of 5 at 900 watts kept the pipes from freezing until we got things insulated. Fortunately the Lakewood has three settings operated by two sturdy, lighted toggle switches. Sturdy switches are important when two people in love can't agree on heat settings. 600 or 900 watts suits me fine, while Hubby needs the full 1500 watts. I can see the setting from a distance, and can adjust the heat down if "someone" forgets to do it post bath. The Lakewood LAK5500 Space Heater keeps our bathroom adjustably warm (and our love running smoothly) when winter arrives here in Central Texas.      

Bremond, TX


Works great in small rooms


The most I can say is that this space heater from Lakewood works really well - in small spaces only.  Don't get me wrong, I don't expect a heater to blow air like an air conditioner, but all this one does is heat up the air around it.  Then the hot air sits there in its own little bubble while the rest of the room is still cold.  What's nice, though, is that the wheels can come off or not, they can be reattached if need be.  My son likes to sit real close - so close that he's sitting on top of it!  And that can make the wheels twist and go on their sides.  Thankfully, we've been able to unattach them then reattach them, fixed, to the main set so all is as good as new.  We've tried this heater in small rooms and it's just lovely for that.  It keeps them warm and it's so easy to change the temperature on the side.  The labels are clear and easy to see.  However, in larger rooms, there is a different story.  I wouldn't even attempt to try it in anything larger than a normal sized bedroom.  We even tried leaving it on all night to see if that made any difference in the big living room.  It definitely didn't.

Trenton, NJ


Lakewood Space Heater

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