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Lakewood Space Heater

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Overheats on low & Hi & shuts down every 1-2 min


This is the worst heater I've ever bought it overheats constantly on low or high heat every 1 to 2 minutes it automatically shuts down in the caution light comes on I wouldn't recommend this either to anyone ever even if it was free it's horrible I can't believe that they are even able to sell a heater that works so inefficiently and is basically a fire hazard due to the caution light and the overheating and the turning on and off constantly the room can't even get warmed up as soon as you start feeling a slight amount of warm the heater shuts down for anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes

Coquille Oregon


Lakewood standing space heater is awful


This is probably the worst space heater that I have ever used... and I have used a lot of space heaters. The Lakewood brand makes some great space heaters, but this QTV-22 model is absolutely awful. Even running at full heat and the highest wattage, it barely puts out any heat. We had this unit in our bedroom, and two other unites through the house. I woke up in the morning cold, and when I went into the other rooms it felt fine. So I tested it out by leaving it running the bedroom at max settings with the door closed. It barely warmed the room at all! Heaters smaller than this one did a better job. Not only that, but the poor design allows dust and lint, etc, to easily get into the unit, but it's nearly impossible to get it all out. The result is that the sensor on the unit CONSTANTLY turns it off and back on again, further reducing its effectiveness. Not recommended.

South Boston, VA


Lakewood Space Heater

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