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Lakewood Kool Operator Junior Fan

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Great budget fan!


I've been using this Kool Operator fan for around four years now.  It's a very good budget option to cool off your room or yourself with this mighty beast!  Even on "low" setting, this fan's wind channel is as much as a medium to "high" setting on one of those regular standing fans.  If you turn it to "medium" setting, the wind channel is definitely identical if not better than a "high" setting on a regular standing fan.  It's very breezy.  Most of the time a "medium" setting will do for most situations with this Kool Operator fan.  But during summer, on the other hand, then you are advised to turn the knob to the "high" setting.  Once you turn it to the "high" setting, be prepared to hold down any light-weighted things near the direction the fan blows, because it will lift up ANY light-weighted items, even items you might not think it can pick up!  It's that "cool"!  I highly recommend this fan if you want something to cool you off while you are tight on budget as this fan doesn't cost a lot to buy.

San Gabriel, CA


This Lakewood fan will keep you cool


 I recently bought a home that does not have air conditioning, which I am accustomed to having!  Luckily we have only have had a few hot days so far and this **Lakewood**** Kool Operator Junior Fan** has helped keep me cool.  First off I chose this Lakewood fan based on experience with the brand - they are usually good products. The Kool Operator fan is a modest size of only about 6'' across. But it packs quite a punch with its features, which are the following:  - 3 Speeds - Up-Down Pivoting ability - 5-bladed fan - Durable construction  The 3 speeds are nice depending on why I'm using the fan. If I'm just sitting still, low is fine. But if I'm working around the house and it's hot the high speed works best.  The size of fan is also perfect for sitting in my windows, which the base fits on the ledge.  I think the 5 blades also help propel a lot of air. When it gets cranking this Lakewood fan really creates a nice breeze. I don't use the pivot feature too much, but it's nice to have it available.  Some small fans are quite noisy and while the **Lakewood Kool Operator Junior Fan** is not silent, it is far quieter than some of the ''turbo'' fans I have used, especially on the Low setting. Also, the base is quite stable and the fan does not shake, and the grill guard does not rattle.  Based on my experience **Lakewood** makes some really good house fans and I usually try to buy this brand if it's available. This small fan does not cool-down the whole house by any measure, but it certainly cools off a single room or area, and does so effectively.

Denver, CO


Lakewood Kool Operator Junior Fan

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