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Lakewood 20-inch Box Fan

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This fan does not completely blow me away


During the dog days of summer I decided to buy an extra fan to help move some air around in my apartment. After shopping around a bit I found the** ****Lakewood**** 20'' Box Fan** at Walmart. If you have purchased a number of fans you probably realize that some are better than others.  The **Lakewood 20'' Box Fan **is, in my experience a good balance between being inexpensive yet good enough to operate quietly and efficiently. This fan has a square shape, is 20" across, has 5 blades, and 3 speeds. There are little plastic feet to keep it from tipping over (which you have to install - no big deal). One oddity is the plug, which can be detached from the back and is located about half-way up the back of the fan. This fan really moves a lot of air and does so quietly. There are no rattles, squeaks, and any vibrating sounds are minimal. Although it's too big for my windows it works fine in front of a sliding glass door and can easily be moved around (it's lightweight). One drawback to the fan is that the plastic parts seem really cheap. The blades are really thin, the handle on top in a solid piece of inflexible plastic, and the knob (located on top) is small and cheaply made.  My concern is that the cheap plastic parts may not hold up over time. UPDATE: This fan was OK for about 4 years but is now falling apart. The little feet keep falling off, it rattles a lot, and the plug (which can be detached) keeps coming loose. We're going to have to buy a better one.

Denver, CO


Love my Lakewood 20-inch Box Fan


My family and I stay pretty hot normally. Even on those somewhat cooler days but still warm. We don't like to run the air condition and just opening the windows does not help. So I purchased the Lakewood 20-inch Box Fan and it has worked wonderfully for my family and I. It works great just sitting on the floor, but our favorite it to open our windows on semi cool days, stick the fan in the window and let it go. It works great. It truly makes you feel like the air is running. So in the end we saved a lot of money and I am all about saving money. So on those cool days just stick the fan in the window, let it run and you will be as cool as you would be with the air on, except you will also be saving on your electric bill. It works great either way, is lightweight, and very durable. And of course it comes with the usual speeds of low, medium, and high.

Baxter, KY


Not as durable as some others.


I used one of the Lakewood box fans for a couple of summers. The fan mechanism worked great with little maintenance beyond yearly cleaning and oiling. However, the plastic knobs and feet were not durable at all. I was always picking up a piece of plastic here and there that was subsequently either discarded or glued back on. I found the plastic fan blades collected an awful lot of dust and dirt, probably because of static electricity. This is a toss up. On one hand this is a great feature because it's possible to collect and clean a lot of dust in one spot. On the other hand, the fan collects the dust and holds on to it rather than blowing it away. I prefer an all-metal fan when it's available. Metal just seems more durable overall, but plastic has its place. I got rid my Lakewood at the end of last summer and replaced it with a similarly priced metal high-velocity fan that's much smaller and moves more air.

Kilmarnock, VA


Lakewood Box Fan is the coolest!


The Lakewood Box Fan is perfect for me.  I live in an apartment and often have to move my fans from place to place for maximum cooling.   This fan is light-weight and highly portable.  It puts out quite a breeze and keeps me cooler than other fans that I have tried.  Stand fans are too hard to move quickly and window fans don't seem to have the "oomph" that I need.  All in all the Lakewood Box Fan is my choice for keeping cool!

Bellflower, CA


Works well,but inconvenient.


I bought three lakewood 20" box fans for my windows and I likd that the plug has a new design from last year.  It now plugs in to the back of the motor so you can completely remove the cord for storage.  What I don't like is the speed control switch is also on the back of the motor so I have to reach around the fan to change the setting.  They should have left it on top where it belongs for easy access.

Rochester, NY


Lakewood 20-inch Box Fan

3.6 5