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Lagostina 12-inch Stainless Steel Induction Fry Pan

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great frypan


I bought several different stainless steel Lagostina Frying Pans. These pans have a heaviness to them, that give you the impression that they are well made. They cook very evenly, which tells me that heat is evenly distributed. It makes frying up dishes very easy and actually makes cooking easier. Clean up is also quite easy with this pan. Doesn't Stick Items easily slide off the pan, and clean up is a breeze with a little soap and hot water. Heat Distribution The even heat distribution is one of the best features of this pan. It makes cooking even and is great Ease of Handling The pans are a little heavy, so be sure to use 2 hands when lifting. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean with minimal effort. Soap and hot water leaves the pan looking like new. Design Great design and a very smart looking pan. Durability Excellent durabiluity. I have had my Lagostina pans for almost a year now and they get used several times a day. They are still like new and I love them.

Beverly Hills, CA


Wonderful tool in the kitchen. Must have!


Very good kitchen tool, must have in the house.  The best pan I have ever had for a long time.  Makes it so easy to cook after a long day of work. I wish they have invented Lagostina before so I did not have to waste so much of my time trying and trying and trying other brands that deemed to be no comparison to this Lagostina beauty.

Flushing, NY


I use my Lagostina fry pan almost daily


I received my Lagostina fry pan as a gift for Christmas. I needed a new fry pan but was very cautious about using it. I am a bird owner and have to be sure that there are no coatings on the pan that could burn off and emit toxic fumes (birds are very sensitive to airborne toxins).  The model I have is a ticino and I looked it up online. It is not supposed to emit any toxins and is considered a green pan so I put it to use. I'm very happy with it. Nothing has stuck to it at all. Clean up is a dream. It seems to cook evenly.  I had a fancy pan before this one and it tended to get too hot even with the element turned right down.  So far the Lagostina has out performed that really expensive pan.  I do wish it had a lid. Why is it that so many fry pans are sold without lids these days? I also wish the shape were a little different. The sides are sloped so even though the fry pan is 12" across, there isn't 12" in the base of the pan.

Gainesville, TX


Lagostina 12-inch Stainless Steel Induction Fry Pan

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