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Lady Speed Stick
Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Antiperspirant Deodorant Gel Fresh Fusion - 2.3 oz

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This gel stops odors and perspiration and doesn't sting!


***Quick View:*** I use several different deodorants, usually what is on sale. I don't perspire much but I hate the white spots that deodorants leave on my clothes and the way they sometimes burn my freshly shaven underarms. I tried this one and it's pretty good. No burning and only a slight amount of white spots on clothes. ***My Take on Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Antiperspirant Deodorant Gel Fresh Fusion - 2.3 oz*** My husband won't use anything but gel but I always thought it seemed really sticky. This product is a gel and it swivels up clear through a lot of small holes in the top. The scent is very nice - a fresh, clean one that isn't overpowering. I was a bit leery to try this thinking it would be sticky but it really isn't. It applies smoothly and evenly and feels cool going on. The scent, as I said, is pleasant. It takes a short time for this product to dry but not long. I wait a couple of minutes before getting dressed if I can but I have gotten dressed immediately after applying and all was fine, no underarm stains. **Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Antiperspirant Deodorant Gel Fresh Fusion** stops wetness even in intense heat. I am not a heavy perspirer but, in the glaring sun and heat, I will get damp underarms. I don't when I am wearing this antiperspirant. Many of my usual products cause awful white marks on my clothes. This one does too but very few. Much less than white solids, that's for sure. If I let it dry for a few minutes before dressing, there are no white spots at all even on black tops.This doesn't sting even right after shaving and it seems to work all day and night for me. I like that it glides on so fresh and cool and isn't sticky as I feared. I wore it today in the high heat and humidity and had no issues at all with odor or perspiration. ***My Viewpoint***I like **Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Antiperspirant Deodorant Gel Fresh Fusion**. The scent and application are good and the white spots on my clothes are greatly diminished. It isn't sticky and smells nice. I probably won't use it exclusively but I will buy it again. No stinging and redness after shaving is a big plus for me and this one is actually cooling and soothing. ***4 stars. ***

The heart of , NY


Love my Lady Speed Stick Fresh Fusion


I needed a deodorant that I could pack in a gym bag, and that wouldn't melt away if I left the bag in a hot car. This Lady Speed Stick 24/7 did the job wonderfully. It has a really pleasant scent. Fresh but tangy, if that makes any sense. It lasts a LONG time. I workout at lunch, and even after a shower, I am really hot after working out, and I'm afraid of sweat while my body is still cooling down. No problems here! I don't even have to do that discrete 'pit check' to see if I've got wet spots, those are a thing of the past! It works, it lasts, you can keep it in a hot car no problems. It is my go-to workout deodorant. Oh, and I don't see any streaks on my clothes afterwards (which I'm prone to have), so that's an additional perk. It doesn't say it's black dress approved, but I think it is!

Cayce, SC


Lady Speed Stick 24/7 works and smells great!


I am extremely picky when it comes to deodorants, I used to only use the roll on ones, but it is quite hard to find those in good scents. I really hate the white solids because they always stain my clothes! This lady speed stick gel fresh fusion is really great. I like that I can adjust the amount of gel that comes out, I like as little as possible to do the job. It dries quite quickly and the smell is light and fresh. Now, I am not sure if it really lasts 24 hours, but it does last the whole working day, which is enough for me. It is very inexpensive, and I am sure that it will last quite a while. I like that I can see how much is inside so I know when I need a new one. I also really like the design and color of the deodorant. The gel is not sticky (actually very smooth) and it does not leave any white residue behind. I would recommend this deodorant for anyone who does like the white solids and does not want to spend a lot of money!

Fullerton, CA


Great for sensitive arm pits!


This is my favorite deodarant. I have very sensitive armpits.  A lot of deodorants cause me to break out into rashes, which results in super itchy arm pits.  This deodorant does not cause the rash! I spent a lot of money trying all types of deodorants and even ones that I needed a prescription for.  This is the only deodorant that does not cause the rashes. I couldn't be happier.  The invisible dry deodorant from this same company, however still causes the rashes, so I always need to be sure to get the clear gel.  Even though the packaging does not mention that this is for sensitive under arms, it definitely works.  I've tried those other deodorants that claim to be good for sensitive pits, but they do not work! On top of not having rashes, I love the smell of this deodorant, and it smells good all day long!  People have commented about what kind of perfume I have on and it's just the smell of the deodorant. Because it is a clear gel, there are no white stains on my clothes either. Also the fact that it is so cheap is great.  They often have sales on this too, and you can stack coupons with them, so it is really in expensive. This is the best deodorant out there. I know longer have to deal with uncomfortable, itchy under arms.  I definitely recommend this to anyone with sensitive arm pits like me!!!

Chicago, IL


Love Lady Speed Stick but not the Gel!


I gave Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Fresh Fusion Gel three stars because there are several things I like about it but several things I do not. I'll start off by saying my usual brand of deodorant is Lady Speed Stick solid and I really do love it but it leaves a white residue on my clothing and don't love that , for that reason I thought I would try the gel and as far as leaving a white residue it does not so that is an absolute bonus! I also love the scent it smells wonderful and fresh. What I do not like about this product is the Gel part and I am not sure if all gels are like this since it is the only gel product I have tried, Anyway I hate that is so wet and sticky when I put it on and it seems to take  a very long time to dry. I am not sure what I was expecting but I just hate the feel of it! Also I think the stick gives better protection, when I use the stick, in normal circumstances I am good from morning to evening, with the gel I find myself needing to reapply mid-day, not good! I  will not purchase this product again



I hate Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Gel. It's a lie.


I don't know about y'all, but I get really tired of companies putting claims on their products that turn out to be absolutely BOGUS.  Like this product.  Lady Speed Stick 24/7.  If it says 24/7, I want it to last like it says it will last. The scent of this product is pleasant enough.  I usually buy solid deoderants, but I  was pleased with the sensation of this gel.  And contrary to my belief, it sunk into my skin and didn't make my underarms feel wet just after I applied it.  It kept my smelling great....for about TWO HOURS. Now, I'm not a "sweater" and I don't tend to smell through my deoderant!  A basic stick usually works just fine for me, and I'm good to go for the whole day.  This stuff is a joke.  I don't understand how they can put such claims on it.  Non-stop odor control?  Ya right.  I was smelling not so fresh after about two hours of just doing computer work!  The only good thing about the product is the price.  But who wants to pay anything for a deoderant that doesn't work?

Plymouth, IN


Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Antiperspirant Deodorant Gel Fresh Fusion - 2.3 oz

3.7 6