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Surprisingly good quality at a very low price!


I saw Lacura Q10 Day Cream at Aldi's and became curious. Even though I was a bit hesitant to try, as I don't think I have ever paid less than $40 for a day cream, I figured for less than $5, I had nothing to lose. I'm very surprised at just how nice of a product this is, but it has it's drawbacks. When I opened the jar, I was a bit overwhelmed by the scent. While it is clean and refreshing with a hint of aloe, it is a bit strong for my liking. When on my skin, the scent remains quite strong until I get used to it. The strong scent can only come from some sort of added chemical ingredient, and It would be much better without it. It is easily applied and glides on the skin well. It isn't oily at all, and it isn't too watered down. It is exactly the thickness a face cream should be. It absorbs wonderfully into my skin and doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky or tacky. It is a good base for make-up application as well. I haven't had any problems at all with irritation or any blemishes. I should note that Lacura Q10 Day Cream does not contain any SPF. After using this product for a few weeks, I do notice that my skin is feeling very soft and smooth. My pores are also visibly smaller than they were before. I didn't see too much of a difference with fine lines or wrinkles, but they didn't get worse, and that's good. I also used on my neck and chest, and they look and feel great still. However, my skin started to become very dry while using this cream, and I had to use a second layer of a different moisturizer (I chose one containing SPF) I thought it could be from the dry winter weather, but when I switched back to my usual day cream, the dryness stopped. There is a lot of product in the jar, and it lasts a very long time. Overall, I'm right on a middle line with this cream. I appreciate being able to use a product with Q10, however it is not the right day cream for me. But I think for the price, it was worth a try.

Liverpool, NY


lacura day and ight cream would work for any woman!


Lacura has many products out there that women of all skin types should try!  It is many products for oily skin regular skin types, and dry.  They have a full line of products to try eye cream, a facial cream to use three times a week just smooth it on and leave for twenty minuets and remove with a tissue lightly.  I have been using this product that they say is all the craze in Paris so I tryed it, I found it inexspensive and a great product! I know that you can buy it online and get through some stores however I am unaware of any in my area. They also had some other great products to purchase they have something for everthing and everyone! I can not wait to try some other products that they offer.  I have purchased the lacura day cream and the Lacura night cream plus the the facial cream to leave on for twenty minuets these products make such a diference in your skin! I was at my sisters hme and she tryed it and the whole time I was there she used it everyday! this procduct the day and the night cream are in 1.7 oz jars the pink topped one is for day wear and the night cream has a blue top which I find very easy for me since I know the color I don't have to read the label each time.  I am sure that any women that tryes this Laxura product will love as much as I do.  

Bessemer, AL


Lacura Products

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