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Lacura Gentle Lip Care Milk & Honey

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Lacura Gentle Lip Care Milk and Honey is Ok!


I don't wear too much makeup but what I do wear I want it to be good. This product leaves a funny after taste in your mouth and leaves a waxy texture I am not fond of. Upon putting on the lip balm the taste is not so bad its after some time that you notice the waxy taste that is not pleasing. I do like that its cheap and you can find it at Aldi, but I rather by a better tasting lip balm that won't leave a waxy build up on your lips. Plus in the summer time you need to have a lip balm that has SPF and this product doesn't have it.

Aurora, IL


Great every day lip balm and super inexpensive!


I have been using this lip balm for about 2 years.  I will continue to use it too, since it's just so good and the price is so so low.  You can buy this at aldi grocery stores.  As far as I know that's the only place you can get it as of now, but I might be wrong.  You get a nice amount of product with this and I love the packaging.  It is packaged the pay a lipstick is.  So you turn the tube until it sticks up, apply it, and then turn it back down.  I find this to be extremely moisturizing, which is just what I need.  In the winter I never go anywhere without this! The texture is perfect.  Not too thick, not too thin. This is scented.  It smells pretty nice.  Some might not love it though.  My husband hates the way it smells and tastes.  I personally don't have a problem with it.  The smell and taste to me are both not strong.  I think that the oatmeal honey scent smells warm and nourishing, if that's makes sense.  Overall I love this and will definitely buy it again!

Burnsville, MN


Not bad for the price.


For a three pack of the lip care you can't beat the price. I have one by the bed, the bathroom and in my purse. It does make my lips softer without having to constantly reapply but it does come off rather easily.

Fort Worth, TX


Lacura Gentle Lip Care Milk & Honey

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