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Lacura Beauty Foundation

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Lacura Foundation works the best for me.


The Lacura brand can be found at Aldi grocery stores.  It is extremely inexpensive.  The foundation is made with aloe and shea butter and while it contains no perfumes, it does have a scent to it.  The scent reminds me of the nasal saline solution spray, which isn't a bad smell.  This foundation goes on very smoothly.  This is the only foundation I have tried that really does have actual, buildable coverage.  Other foundations when I've tried to add more simply smear.  Lacura's lets me add more coverage to cover a little bit here and there.  Once it has been applied, it dries down to a great matte like's not completely matte so you don't look odd but all the usual shiny spots on your face are gone. The foundation lasts a long time as well, even at bedtime with no touch ups during the day I still look ok. Another great thing about this foundation is that you only have to use a small amount. The shade selection is very limited.  I have light to medium skin and found that during the summer, Beige was too light.  The next shade, Sun, was too dark.  So I simply blended the two.  I bought two foundations for less than the price of one drugstore foundation, which I find incredible.  I've never found a drugstore foundation that works as well as Lacura.  In the Fall, I found that I could apply the Beige foundation and then lightly go over that with a little bit of the Sun.  Now that it's winter, I'm finding the Beige tone is perfect on it's own. I was using Bare Escentuals foundation, but it was just too drying for my skin.  My under eye area would look really bad with the B.E. foundation, even with foundation primer.  I also didn't like the strange shine that I would get with B.E.  I absolutely love Lacura because there's no shine and it just looks so natural.  

Chesterton, IN


Lacura Beauty Foundation

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