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Lacoste Challenge

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Hubby loves lacoste challenge


I got a free sample of lacoste challenge in the mail and my husband loved the smell of it. It's not too overpowering and is a very simple smell, which is the kind of cologne we like. So he requested that I would buy a full bottle (oh, that's why they send out samples!) I got it for him for Christmas (you can find great prices online). When we first opened the package I thought "great, they give it a huge cap so you think you're getting more than you really get." So I was pleasantly surprised when my husband took off the cap, and there was more cologne that I had originally thought. I felt like we got a good price for it after seeing the size. It isn't as strong as I remember the sample being, but it has a nice smell and my husband really likes it. It isn't overpowering either, which is good since I am pretty sensitive to some smells. Overall, I'm happy with the price and my husband is happy with his cologne!

Louisville, KY


Not interesting


I baught this fragrence on a whim.  It smells very generic and does not last long on the skin. I can tell that not a lot of thought went into it as LeCoste is known for having great fragrences.  Smell before you buy...And walk around with it on your skin.  It's simply ok.  And if you get a cologne, you want MORE than ok.

Woodstock, GA


Lacoste Challenge

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