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Labcconte USA
Labcconte USA Nourishing Snail Cream for Ladies

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Better than Proactive


I had acne problem since I was the teenager and I still had it before using the snail cream. I used the Proactive before and it kind of worked in the beginning but my face was getting really dried up that my skin got irritated. One of my friend recommend the Labcconte snail cream, and I'm using it for a month now and my skin got so much better! It's not yet completely gone but I saw the fast result. My skin is not dry or anything from using the snail cream.  This cream is good for anti-aging as well as acne treatment.

New York, NY


Glad I found Labcconte USA Snail Cream


First when I got to know this product I was little unsure about the snail extracts. I've tried many other products but they were like plant extraction, soy, or any other ingredients. But Labcconte USA snail cream has the amazing ingredients which is snail extract. I've been using it for 1 month now and I'm loving it! My skin got brighter and less puffy. Also, it's pretty in descent price range than any other anti-aging products. I believe that the snail contains the thing called 'snail slime' that helps to regenerate itself from the tough environment and it helps on our skin too. " Glad I found Labcconte USA snail Cream!"

Los Angeles, CA


Labcconte USA Nourishing Snail Cream for Ladies

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