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La-Z-Boy Gibson Recliner

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Quite comfortable


Really comfortable but it could be better.



Good chair


I like the chair fine. It's comfortable - don't sleep in it too long however or it'll wreck your neck. Another review here said it has an adjustable length footrest - only if you disassemble it, redesign it, and then make a different chair. The footrest is too short for me.



super comfortable recliner.


I do not have one personally but there is one in my parents home. we all love it just because of how comfortable it is. I have fallen asleep on it a couple of times and also spent hours reading a book because it is so comfotable. It is also La-Z-Boy so we trust the quality and know that it is going to last for a long time before it needs replacing or throwing out. We got the brownish grey one but they also have a variety of colors to fit in anu living room or anywhere else on the house one ,may want to put it. It is also styled in a way that it will not look out of place when put together with ither stylish furtniture. As long as you are getting a recliner, i would recommend getting a la-z-boy. it is also affordable and high quality, especially is you compare how long you will have it and it will be serving you over the years. many other recliners might cost less but may not last as long. get it and you will enjoy it.

Wilmington, NC


La-Z-Boy Gibson Recliner

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