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La-Z-Boy Charlotte 7 Piece Dining Set


Bring your dining room outside with the Charlotte 7 Pc. Dining Set.

Invite your patio guests to experience the luxury of lounging on La-Z-Boy Outdoor furniture. The Charlotte Collection is stately and practical offering a multitude of ways to create plush, dignified comfort in your outdoor seating area. The 7 Pc. Dining Set includes: 1 striking 70 x 38 rectangular table flawlessly constructed with inlaid marble-like ceramic tile top, 4 Stationary Dining Chairs and 2 Swivel Rocker Captain Chairs. The 7 Pc. Set creates a decidedly dignified look but guests won’t be able to resist relaxing on the amazingly thick, dense cushions covered in quick drying, UV-resistant fabric. Each chair boasts superior craftsmanship with hand-woven resin panels. The sturdy aluminum and steel frame quality is accented with unique cast aluminum details and tapered feet combining beauty with all-weather and rust-resistant durability. The Charlotte 7 Pc. Dining Set will accommodate everyone comfortably in superior quality while standing up to the elements for years to come.

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This is such a classy set


I love how beautiful this patio set is. I love gathering the family on those summer evenings and having a cookout as the sun is going down. People are always telling me how much they love my patio set and how they would like to get one of their own. I love how this has become the focal point of my backyard even thought there are lots of things to look at, including a swimming pool. It is is also easy to assemble. I just needed a few tools that most everyone has around the house and put it together in a couple of hours. And the set isn't so heavy that it can't be moved. I like to move it around when the sun is shining at an angle and keep everyone from getting a sunburn. I also like how comfortable the seats are. They are just as comfortable as what I would expect from something that La-Z-Boy would make for the indoors. But I guess that's to be expected from such a great company when it comes to comfort.




It is an okay patio set if you live in nice weather.


This is a decent patio set if you have nice weather. We opted to get this used, which was more budget friendly for us and helped out a neighbor, but it was in like new condition. This set will seat six people comfortably so if we have guests over we have a couple of extra seats. I've had as many as eight people at this patio set but it was a little cramped. Four of the chairs around the outside are stationary chairs with the traditional four legs. I prefer these chairs because I don't go anywhere. The two captains chairs at the heads of the table swivel. I am not a particular fan of a swiveling chair. As far as the set itself goes, it is great because the table is glass so if I drop anything on it I can just wipe it away or scrub it off after we're done grilling. The chairs are made of a wicker like material along with fabric and cushioning so they're not as easy to clean. If I spill something in the chairs, I have to hose them down and let them sun dry for a day or so. The umbrella on this does an okay job of shading from the sun. If it starts to sprinkle it provides a good shelter but once the heavy rain starts, it eventually gets the umbrella soggy and it starts to seep through. After a heavy rain, it can take the furniture a day to dry if the sun is out and the weather is right, or it can take an entire week sometimes. I solved this issue by buying a tarp, but sometimes we forget and our furniture still gets soaked and is unusable for a few days. Overall it's a nice set. I put thicker cushions in the chairs and I usually don't use the swivel chairs. It isn't worth the new price in my opinion so I opted for used.




La-Z-Boy Charlotte 7 Piece Dining Set

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