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La Serra Moscato D'Asti , Champagne & Sparkling

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La Serra is the best Moscato d'Asti I've ever had.


I've had many Moscato d'Asti wines and La Serra is the best one I've ever had. If you don't know, the tinier the bubbles in this sparkling wine, the better quality it is. This wine had the tiniest bubbles and the best notes of all I've tried. If you want a great dessert wine or even just a great anytime wine, get this one. If you like it, I recommend going back to the same store where you purchased the first bottle of and buying a case because it is really hard to find. (It's also hard to find people who know the difference between Moscato d'Asti and other Asti's. Moscato is the name of the grape while d'Asti, I believe, is the region in Italy where the grape is cultivated.)  Also, buy the newest year you can find of Moscato d'Asti wines. The newer the year the better the wine. These don't age like other wines do - they get worse with age instead of better.

Port Orange, FL


Sweet, great desert wine


This is one of my favorite wines.  It is sweet so if you aren't into sweet wines I wouldn't recommend.  Very fruity, delicious taste.  Smooth and easy to drink the whole bottle yourself without knowing it!!  my friends and i love it!

Chicago, IL


La Serra Moscato D'Asti , Champagne & Sparkling

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